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Escape From Noise

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Escape From Noise album cover
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Quiet Please
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Michael Jackson
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Escape From Noise
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The Playboy Channel
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Stress In Marriage
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Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song
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Over The Hiccups
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Car Bomb
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Methods Of Torture
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Yellow Black And Rectangular
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Backstage Pass
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Christianity Is Stupid
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Time Zones
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You Don't Even Live Here
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The Way Of It
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Total Tracks: 18   Total Length: 42:18

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Michael Azerrad


eMusic editor-in-chief Michael Azerrad is the author of Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana (Doubleday, 1993), which remains the definitive Nirvana biography,...more »

Negativland, Escape from Noise
Label: Seeland / Revolver

Here's political satire and pioneering sampledelica from the veteran band of merry Bay Area pranksters, eighteen meditations on an increasingly vexing question: "Is there any escape from noise?" The concept embraces all manner of interference — glitches on cable TV, a bee in a can of soda, a hiccuping child — and it's surprisingly profound — Escape from Noise actually makes an apt companion to social theorist Jacques Attali's classic Noise: The Political Economy of… read more »

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Good Times!


We flew to this in the early 90's! On vinyl even! HA! So much fun! Priceless and classic for sure!

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college days


this album enjoyed heavy rotation in our house (a converted church). Car Bomb and Christianity is Stupid in particular made us smile. So not PC!

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Many a trip in the late 80's had this album as a soundtrack...classic!

They Say All Music Guide

While the sound collage of Negativland’s first three studio albums pointed toward the band’s ultimate direction, they were really rough sketches compared to Escape from Noise. Escape is a full-on audio assault, more musical than ever, but with tight and well-constructed sound sections thrown in. Instead of simply a collection of sounds and snippets, however, each cut on Escape from Noise picks a target and takes aim. “Quiet Please” takes on market research in the world of radio. “Michael Jackson” is a laundry list of pop stars being charged with creating commercial pop. “Sycamore” turns happy, shiny, new pre-planned communities into something far more sinister. Although some other tracks (“Yellow, Black and Rectangular,” “Car Bomb”) don’t really take on particular targets, they’re fun nonetheless. Probably the most accomplished piece is the strangely creepy “Time Zones,” which talks about how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union (there are 11, by the way, and it’s not even funny). Although it wasn’t apparent at the time, the centerpiece of the album would be “Christianity Is Stupid,” a prime example of how sound bytes can be rearranged to say whatever you want them to say. (The full sound bytes appear on the album Helter Stupid, the first half of which was inspired by a media frenzy after the band suggested that a murder may be attributable to “Christianity Is Stupid” as an excuse to get out of having to tour in the wake of this album, which turned out to be a much bigger success than anyone expected.) Scattered throughout the album are unexpected guest appearances from some of the biggest names in underground music, including Jello Biafra on “toilet flushing,” the Residents on “hoots and clanging,” and the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart on mouth sounds and “processed animals.” In addition to better-constructed material, the production quality on Escape from Noise is also top-notch, making it a joy to listen to. Although future works would prove more controversial, this is probably Negativland’s masterwork. – Sean Carruthers

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