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Wouldn't It Be Good

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Wouldn't It Be Good album cover
Wouldn't It Be Good
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 4:51

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Typo in the Cover Art


Rather than "Wouldn't," the cover art says "Wouln't." You'd think someone "would've" caught that.

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Love this song


Not the same version but a brilliant song. Love the changes & the melody. I always wondered what he was thinking about when he wrote this, suicide?

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Check out other Nik


Check his other albums here on emusic. Great stuff! Definitely not a one hit wonder!

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Not the original version


It's the original artist, but not the song most of us heard decades ago. It's not bad - just not what you might be expecting. The production values on this song are terrible!

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Great Single


Many Americans have heard this but would be hard pressed to guess the artist. Good trivia question!