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Never Trust A Hippy

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Never Trust A Hippy album cover
Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
The Marxist Brothers
Golden Boys
You're Wrong
Everything In Moderation
I'm Going To Hell For This One
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 13:05

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My Intro to NOFX


Where the hell have I been? This album is my exposure to NOFX, and WOW! Takes me back to my punk rock roots, and you'll never be on the fence about how the feel about things.

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How come we can't download this album? Does George W Bush have anything to do with this???

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Finally this EP is here!


Yes finally this is on Emusic! Very good songs though the first two are on Wolf in Wolfs clothing. Stand out tracks are ALL of them! Then agian if one can be a fan boy of this band I am! However, check out "You're Wrong" Fat Mike's pen is mighter than any sword!

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They Say All Music Guide

Released just a month prior to their 2006 full-length, Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing, Never Trust a Hippy served as just a little snack to tide over hungry fans waiting for NOFX’s first proper studio album since 2003′s War on Errorism. That doesn’t mean, however, that the band haphazardly threw together this EP merely for kicks. On the contrary, Fat Mike and crew have packed six songs into 13 minutes of cutting observation and criticism. On “The Marxist Brothers,” the band uses a backdrop that recalls the Clash’s “London Calling” to underline ironic remarks about contemporary anarchists (“I get frequent flyer mileage and a booklet of upgrades/So next time I visit the Third World I won’t have to fly second class”). Religious overtones also dot the entire release, with a rebellious, drug-taking Jesus resurrected to beat up Mel Gibson and collect his royalty checks in “I’m Going to Hell for This One,” while the acoustic “You’re Wrong” lets all right-wing and religious folk know their interpretation of the Bible and attitudes toward other issues are, well, wrong. Not for the uptight or conservative — after all, the album artwork depicts NOFX kicking it and getting drunk with Jesus — if this EP is any indication of their upcoming album, fans should be met with something rather tasty. – Corey Apar

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