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Wreck Your Life

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Wreck Your Life album cover
The Other Shoe
You Belong To My Heart
Big Brown Eyes
Dressing Room Walls
Bel Air
My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin'
Old Familiar Steam
Over The Cliff
Goin' Goin' Gone
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 42:54

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Best country album of the '90s


Forget the whole "alt" or "insurgent" prefix; this album is country as it should have descended from the outlaw scene of the '70s. Sure the music sometimes borderlines on punk (just as, arguably, Johnny Cash did the same with his Folsom album) but it's the songwriting that makes this stand out. The story of infidelity and murder in "The Other Shoe," the story of self-destructive love in "Doreen," the dark, drunken humor of "W-I-F-E." It's stories like this that represent country at its best, and you'll be hard-pressed to find anything superior to the tracks on "Wreck Your Life."

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This is about as good as a record could be. I've listened to it a thousand times, and still love it.

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Too Far to What Now?


Very rarely is "alt-country" (hell, even "country") done right. While they are all busy name dropping members of Uncle Tupelo in the cool corner over there, pick up this record, get it into your car stereo, and drive away from that city tonight and find out what a joy "losing steam" can really be.

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Where is this in the Alt Country 12 Essential?


How could you miss the Old 97's in your 12 list e-music?

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rockin' country


Good album to download if you like straightforward Texas country rock-a-billy. Short, catchy songs, interesting lyrics and well played.

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Great Stuff!


The Old 97's have a great Rock/Rockabilly/Country sound to them. They lyrics are clever and witty and the music has great hooks. I reccomend the whole album, but my favorite tracks on this album are: Over the Cliff Big Brown Eyes Goin' Goin' Gone

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My Favorite


This is my Favorite 97's album. "W-I-F-E" is quite possibly my favorite song of theirs. But don't let that be a slight to any of the other classic songs on here. "Victoria," "The Other Shoe" and "Doreen" is one of those classic 3 song combos that will keep you sitting in your car when you're late for an appointment. This is a contagious album. Once you catch it, you won't be able to shake it!

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Drunken, wild and absolutely necessary


Gaz is right on in his/her review. This is a dynamite record, and a great introduction to the exuberant, raucous madness of the Old 97s. You will never tire of first 7 tracks, from the bouncy opening lines "This is the story of Victoria Lee/She started off on Percodan and ended up with me/She lived in Berkeley 'til the earthquake shook her loose/She lives in Texas now where nothin' ever moves," all the way through the wasted and woeful "W-I-F-E." As the AllMusic review points out, the record loses steam at the end. But it doesn't get any better than "Big Blue Eyes" and "Doreen." You need to hear this.

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What a Joy!


Although it's too late for me(I have everything they have ever recorded) What a joy for Emusic members to be able to experience the Old 97's. Rhett Miller is one of the most talented songwriters out there. Whether you're catching his solo act at Largo in Hollywood, or listening to him belt his heart out as the leader of the Old 97's, it never gets old. A great rythym section (Murray Hammond on bass, and Phillip Peeples on drums)and the twangy guitar work of Ken Bethea propel the Alt country music to the very edge of punk. Download, listen, tell your friends, then go out and buy their newer stuff!!

They Say All Music Guide

While Old 97′s second album, 1995′s Wreck Your Life, continues the forlorn West Texas twang-a-billy that they pioneered with their debut, the sharp songwriting of vocalist Rhett Miller steps out to the forefront this time around. He weeps through the lovesick romp “Doreen” and chunks through longtime favorite “Big Brown Eyes” with a newfound poetic touch to the age-old traumas of love (“I’m callin’ time and temperature just for some company,” “You made a big impression for a girl of your size”). At the same time, it’s hard to believe the barroom ballad “W-I-F-E” wasn’t written by George Jones back in the late ’50s. Supporting Miller’s keening vocals is bassist and yodeler Murry Hammond, whose musical accents are understated, but without them many a song would fall flat. Well-chosen covers, including the Tex-Mex standard “You Belong to My Heart” and a stomp through “My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin’” that would do Bill Monroe proud round out the album, although a few songs near the end seem to lose steam. Nevertheless, Wreck Your Life contains some killer tracks and the band exudes an honest energy that would only improve on future releases. – Zac Johnson

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