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Doubble Donkey Disc

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Doubble Donkey Disc album cover
Flight of Yuri Gagarin
No One Needs to Know
Korobeiniki [Traditional Russian Folk Song]
You Know the Story
Landing of Yuri Gagarin
The Business of Getting Down (Flight of the Bootymaestro)
Maybe in an Alternate Dimension (Flight of the Bootymetronome)
Immigration Song (Flight of the Bootymechanic)
Flight of the Bootymaster (Flight of the Bootymaster)
Continental Drift (Flight of the Bootymadmoiselle)
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 40:02

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An Old Favorite


There are some of us who have listened to way too much music. I am one of those people. With the extensive library of music in my brain, I find it much harder as I get older to simply enjoy a song for what it is. Almost automatically I start with string of comparisons to other songs I've heard, and it ruins the singular experience of simply listening. Thankfully I discovered this album prior to obtaining the comparison curse. It was a younger, more impressionable, innocent time. There is nothing pretentious about Ozma's music, sonically or lyrically. It reminds me of a good friend who accepts you for who you are and isn't afraid to spill out their hopes and fears all over your living room rug. If this sounds like someone you'd like to know, then give it a try.

They Say All Music Guide

Any Weezer fans disappointed with their comeback albums would be better off listening to a younger set of geek rockers who go by the name of Ozma but could just as easily be called “Weezer circa Blue Album.” The Californians have got the fuzzed-out guitars, loud drums, vocal harmonies, and synthesizer down just right. The band’s apparent obsession with outer space — Ozma was the name of the first search for signs of extraterrestrial life — is taken to a new level on the first part of this album, called “The Russian Coldfusion.” It features “Flight of Yuri Gagarin” and “Landing of Yuri Gagarin,” the first man in space. There’s more nostalgia for the recent past here, which recovering Tetris addicts will notice with the adaptation of “Korobeiniki,” a traditional Russian folk song popularized in the 1990s video game. The first EP blends together while “The Bootytraps EP” — on which every song has the word “booty” — mines the familiar ground of love lost and unattainable. There’s both catchy music and lyrics, as in “The Business of Getting Down”: “If you’d drop by to see me again, I’d open up the door/And get down to all that matters now, which is getting down once more.” – Ron DePasquale

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