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So Flows The Current

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So Flows The Current album cover
A Lovely Place to Be
8:50   $0.99
So Flows the Current
6:11   $0.99
The Cold Sea's Embrace
3:52   $0.99
Panning the Sands
7:27   $0.99
Beyond This Moment
4:49   $0.99
Along the Waterfront
6:19   $0.99
Northwest Passage
4:25   $0.99
Like So Much Lost Time
3:56   $0.99
Traveler's Rest
6:23   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 52:12

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An Ambient Classic


This is profound, meditative, beautiful, ambient music. One can listen to this album over and over and never tire of its depths. Highest recommendation.

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So Flows The Current


I first heard this album on Pandora Radio and found myself looking up, over and over, to see what in the world was playing. Stunningly beautiful.

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A Blast!!


Sometimes album covers don't give an impression anywhere near what's inside....that is the case here. Although, there is a kind of haunting presence to the cover...you will have no doubt as to the hauntingly beautiful music to be found inside. This one is on my -A- list and will stay there for quite some while. The depth, the breadth, the wonder....truly brilliant!

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Stunningly beautiful instrumental music. Meditative and sensuous, introspective but ever intriguing. Highest recommendation. I listen to tracks from this album almost daily since its release.

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"So Flows The Current" is my first experience of Patrick O'Hearn. I initially downloaded the title track and song no.7 "Northwest Passage". Two amazing tunes that I had on repeat in my headphones for days. Soon I needed more and downloaded the rest of the album and I was not disappointed. Wonderful, relaxing, organic and flowing. Song no.4 "Panning The Sands" reminded me a bit of the "In Existence" album of Beautiful World. I will definately look into Patrick O'Hearn's other albums. Highly recommended !

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Beautiful ...


One of those that you wish never ended. Definitely one of his best works.

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Always Amazing


Patrick O'Hearn has come a long way from his days with Frank Zappa. All of his solo work is organic/electronic soundscapes that are lush and very listenable. It's very rare that I download every song on a disc, but this one was worth it!

They Say All Music Guide

So Flows the Current is one of Patrick O’Hearn’s most consistent CDs. The consistency is in the quality. O’Hearn is not one to be tied to one style. This highly recommended CD comes on the heels of some of his work with Steve Roach, whose influence shows in the music’s attitudes: This is bolder and has more bravado than most of O’Hearn’s other work. He blends electronic and acoustic instruments seamlessly. His deft touch runs the gamut from dark ambient to symphonic synthesizers to new age anthems — and then to the last three tracks on the disc, which are quite simply the best work that he has done. There are vague references to desert ambience, but these are unique compositions and definitely O’Hearn’s; it is his take on electro-tribal ambience. It is deep, dark, and unlike anything he has done before. The tracks represent about one fourth of the disc, and they alone make this an essential CD. – Jim Brenholts

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