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1000 Kisses

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1000 Kisses album cover
Stolen Car
Making Pies
Be Careful
Long Ride Home
Nobody's Crying
Tomorrow Night
Mil Besos
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 39:40

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Woa! Who is this?


I was doing chores around the house with the folk music channel playing in the background. Twice, for "Long Ride Home" and again for "Nobody's Crying" I had to put doen my ironing and check the computer, because I had to know, who is this? I hadn't heard of her, but now I have one of her albums, and the rest of it is as good as the two songfs that originally caught my ear.

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Unfamiliar Patty


Maybe because I'd listened to, at least part of each if not all, her other recordings before this one that much of 1,000 Kisses caught me by surprise. I was looking for a "Mad Mission" or "Heavenly Day" and got a "Long Ride Home". It's all good just not familiar (to me).

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My favorite Patty Griffin album


At least today.

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What a Voice


I get goosebumps when she hits the high notes on "Nobody's Crying".

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Catch her NPR interview


Great to hear Dave is watching out for Patty. Her fans will want to hear the National Public Radio interview for 07 Feb 2007 [http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7241099]

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Patty Griffin is a superstar!


"Rain" and "Long Ride Home" are two of the best songs I've ever heard. The live versions of these are also available on the excellent live album "A Kiss in Time" which is available for download here as well. Coming from a small town I can really relate to her character studies. If you like this album, I definitely recommend you check out the live album as a sampler of the two albums that are not available here. I also want to give some props to Dave Matthews for signing her to ATO and saving her from the corporate music industry hell that true artists often get dragged through on these short sighted major labels. (Y'er alright Dave!)

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If you liked Living with Ghosts, you'll love this. Flaming Red, although also excellent, was much more rock-n-roll and seemingly commercial. Here Patty is back to her gut wrenching, soul twisting best. Making Pies just gives me the feeling of the first drop of the roller coaster where you aren't sure whether you should enjoy yourself or be terrified. Stolen Car, a Bruce Springsteen cover is perhaps one of the best covers I've heard. I recommend the whole album.

They Say All Music Guide

Patty Griffin’s third album, her first material to be released since 1998 (the absorption of her former label, A&M, in the Polygram-Universal merger left an album Griffin cut in 2000 in the vault, where it’s sadly likely to stay), strikes a stylistic middle ground between the stark voice-and-guitar approach of her debut, Living with Ghosts, and the eclectic textures of Flaming Red. 1,000 Kisses was mostly recorded live in the studio with a small acoustic band, including Doug Lancio on guitar and mandolin, Brian Standefer on cello, Giles Reeves on vibraphone and percussion, and Michael Ramos on accordion; the feel of the performances is close and intimate, with the occasional cough or footfall audible in the background, and these sessions capture more than a bit of the cinéma vérité mood of Living with Ghosts. But if the album’s production style is subtle, it’s also a superb match for the material, and without forcing their hand, Griffin and the musicians can sway from the life-on-the-street swagger of “Chief” to the Latin romanticism of “Mil Besos” to the torchy late-night blues of “Tomorrow Night” without missing a step, finding a broad emotional spectrum in these low-key sessions. And while 1,000 Kisses finds Griffin blending covers in with her own compositions for the first time, she proves to be a first-rate interpretive singer (her version of Bruce Springsteen’s “Stolen Car” actually improves on “the Boss”‘ original), and her own songs are splendid, especially the moving widow’s lament “Making Pies” and the moody lead-off track “Rain.” And regardless of who wrote the material, Griffin’s voice — a tower of strength capable of expressing remarkable emotional vulnerability — remains a wonder to behold. 1,000 Kisses finds Patty Griffin at the top of her game, and one can only hope we don’t have to wait four years for the follow-up. – Mark Deming

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