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Impossible Dream

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Impossible Dream album cover
Love Throw a Line
Cold as It Gets
Kite Song
Useless Desires
Top of the World
Rowing Song
When It Doesn't Come Easy
Mother of God
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 48:38

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Beautiful voice!


We saw Patty Griffin at Willie Nelsons annual Picnic in '04. All we could talk about on the way home, after a day filled with great music, was this voice and those songs. It was the highlight of the day. I have been a major fan ever since. Download all of her music -- you won't be disappointed in either the songwriting or the beautiful singing.

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Wonderfully refreshing


This is another wonderful artist that I have never heard of. If you like songs where you can understand the lyrics without a written page in front of you, if you like great melodies that vary from sone to sone. If you love to hear a clear voice, this is an artist you don't want to miss. Outstanding. Keep up the great work getting wonderful artists.

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...breathtaking....even when it don't come easy....do your credits the favor.

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I'm hooked!


I downloaded this album after seeing Patty Griffin on Legend and Lyrics. I am blown away. How did I not know about this wonderful singer/songwriter?! Perhaps because I'm not much of a country fan, and she's categorized as country. Believe me, a Southern accent does not make it country music. Griffin's writing reminds me of Sarah McLachlin. The lyrics, voice and arrangements are all beautiful. I'll get all her music from now on.

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More amazing music from Patty G.


Patty Griffin has it down. She knows how interpret a song in a very special way. This album is more proof that she can do no wrong.

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In a class by herself


Patty Griffin's body of work eclipses that of most contemporaries and it's easy to see why: Her lovely, haunting vocals wring out the meaning of each song. She grabs you by the neck with the opening track, "Love Throw a Line," and downright soars on "Useless Desire." Patty Griffin, in my book, epitomizes the perfect combination of intelligent songwriting and passionate vocals. This is a gorgeous album.

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love this album!


This is possibly my favorite Patty Griffin album. I love every song, but I always appreciate people telling me their faves to guide my toe-dip with new artists. So: Kite Song, Useless Desires, Top of the World (Dixie Chicks covered this, of course), Rowing Song, and Florida

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On repeat. For months!


Gorgeous alt-country sound with raw vocals. Lyrics reveal more meaning on every listen. "Useless Desires," one of the strongest tracks on the album, appears at first a simple leaving-the-city anthem, and after several listens reveals itself a bitter-sweet song of divorce and drug addiction. I adore this album. She's not like Neko, but if you enjoy Neko, give Patty a few listens. I think you'll find something there.

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I couldn't not


There are some voices that as soon as you hear them you know they're for you. It's hard to believe I haven't found Patty Griffin before now, but from the first notes to the last she had me listening with rapt attention to every nuance.

They Say All Music Guide

Impossible Dream retains the intimate, “live” recording quality of 2002′s 1,000 Kisses, especially on tracks like “Florida,” where you can almost smell the cigarette smoke Patty Griffin sings about. But it also emits a melancholy signal from somewhere deeper than live, a hazy place lined with the shelves of memory. “Mother of God” and “Kite” are spare, piano-led pieces recalling a life’s decisions or a child’s emotions on a single summer day. Griffin’s gorgeous vocals make their atmosphere touchable. But Impossible Dream also benefits from the production of Austin pal Craig Ross. He deftly clarifies the album’s stylistic contours, but is careful to cultivate them inside the album’s overall pensiveness. “Standing” is a deconstructed gospel number that sidles into something a little more sultry, while “Love Throw a Line” starts Impossible Dream with a slight Texas shuffle. Guests like guitarist Doug Lancio and Emmylou Harris and Buddy and Julie Miller — who contributed supporting vocals throughout — also help shade the album’s more robust material. Harris seems like Griffin’s vocal muse for the folk build of “Useless Desires,” which includes some lovely, swirling violin work from Lisa Germano. “Say goodbye to the old street that never cared much for you anyway,” Griffin sings in bittersweet farewell to a hometown. And then, a little prescient joke. “Weekend Edition has this town way overrated.” Germano returns for the quietly intense relationship meditation “Top of the World.” As the song fades from its aching climax, it’s replaced by a scratchy kitchen table recording of “Impossible Dream,” performed with TLC by Griffin’s parents. The moment intensifies the feeling that this LP is Griffin’s greatest journey of personal reflection. Her memories, longing, regrets, and desires define an album that’s as listenable as it is meaningful. – Johnny Loftus

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