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Wake Up the Nation

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Wake Up the Nation album cover
Wake Up the Nation
No Tears to Cry
Fast Car/Slow Traffic
In Amsterdam
She Speaks
Find the Torch, Burn the Plans
Aim High
Grasp & Still Connect
Whatever Next
7&3 is the Strikers Name
Up the Dosage
Pieces of a Dream
Two Fat Ladies
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Total Tracks: 16   Total Length: 40:21

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Karen Schoemer


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Paul Weller, Wake Up the Nation
2010 | Label: Yep Roc Records / Redeye

There's something touchingly naïve about the title of Paul Weller's 10th solo album. Oh, look, the aging punk rocker thinks music can still rouse the populace and instigate social change — how quaint! But there's nothing doe-eyed or rose-tinted about the music. Weller, 52, draws on a lifetime of immersion in different genres — not just the Jam's blunt punk or the Style Council's suave R&B, but '70s glam, '60s orchestral pop, Faces-style boogie, vaudevillian… read more »

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not too shabby


Not a great album, but not a bad one. Weller's starting to sound like Peter Gabriel in his old age.

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An opulent feast of well done Weller


The usual Weller mix of Brit rock, 60s soul, and urban R&B.This one delivers many gems. No Tears to Cry sounds like it would have been a top 10 hit if it was recorded by Tom Jones in the 60's. Wake Up the Nation and Fast/Cars Slow Traffic are vintage Jam. Aim High is the sizzling R&B track. Great album.

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Not Weller's Best


This album is full of urgent but forgetable straight ahead plodding rock. This is nowhere near the quality of 22 Dreams. That one is Weller's best since Wild Wood.

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Fresh and Urgent


This one grabbed me by the short hairs and didn't let go. To say "best Weller in years" in an understatement. Very strong effort.

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sounds pretty good to me


track # 3 sounds an awful lot like Willy/Mink deVille to me . . . & I mean that as a compliment

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Most vital Weller in years


I didn't love the last couple of projects (Catch Flame was an exception as it was virtually a live greatest hits set), but Wake Up The Nation is stellar from start to finish. It's a must download as all phases of his career are represented here with superb material. Enjoy!

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Its like The Jam All Over Again


This record picks up where The Jam's 1982 release, The Gift, leaves off. It's gold, baby, GOLD!! Not a bummer in the bunch. This stuff is like spinach to popeye. downloaded this one 2hrs ago and am on my 3rd spin. Think I'm gonna be with this one for awhile. Sad thing is, musicians half his age would die for a record like this and Mr. Weller seemingly can do this in his sleep. In case you missed it, also d/l the 2008 release, 22 Dreams.

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They Say All Music Guide

Prior to 2008’s 22 Dreams, Paul Weller was shorthand for stalwart rock & roll, never disappointing but rarely challenging, either. With 22 Dreams, he reconnected with his spirit of adventure — the thing that drove him to split up the Jam at their peak to form the Style Council — and created a rich pastoral double album that thrived on risk. Buzzing with guitars and gurgling effects, and built upon a succession songs that barely crest the two-minute mark, Wake Up the Nation doesn’t share much with 22 Dreams, apart from that sense of adventure with Weller cramming a suite’s worth of twists into a song. As packed as these tunes are, they’re drawn with crisp lines; for as busy as these are, nothing feels cluttered, they’re all teeming with life. Many of the left turns arrive via the arrangements — witness how everything careens out of control after the chorus of “Grasp & Still Connect,” the elastic psychedelia of “Andromeda,” the updated New Orleans shuffle of “Trees’ — or the unexpected collaborations, whether it’s the tightly wound reunion with the Jam’s Bruce Foxton on “Fast Car/Slow Traffic” or bringing in My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields to craft the dense dangerous heartbeat of “7&3 Is the Strikers Name,” but this isn’t window-dressing: the entire effect is 22 Dreams in reverse, contracting where its predecessor expanded, substituting introspection for action, swapping contemplation for excitement. Wake Up the Nation pulsates with an energy considerably different than the stomping rock & roll of As Is Now. That was all musical muscle, but this is music of the mind that remains fiercely visceral, music that feels of a piece of Weller’s entire body of work, but is quite unique in its execution and impact. – Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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