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Falling Out

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Falling Out album cover
Far Away, By My Side
It Beats Me Everytime
Does It Matter Now?
Big Black Coffin
Start Making Sense
Teen Love
All Those Expectations
Goodbye, Again Or
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 40:26

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Adam Sweeting


Peter Bjorn And John, Falling Out
2005 | Label: Hidden Agenda Records / Redeye

Conflicts and disagreements are necessary “in order to grow and move on,” according to Stockholm's Peter Bjorn and John, a proposition they seek to illustrate over the course of these 10 songs. Not that you could disagree for long with their seductive blend of innocence and experience. Falling Out glitters with bright pop tunes that beg you to love them, but also stretches out into richer, grander structures shimmering with strings and keyboards. It doesn't… read more »

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Heck, it's their best


Got this via mail-order (remember that?) years ago and it stands as PBJ's best work. Sure, they whistled their way into the mainstream, but I'll take "Teen Love" anytime. Makes their latest album sound like filler.

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Overshadows Writer's Block


I like Writer's Block. I do. But I drool for that raw passion, the gritty and the off-kilter and the fierce. Peter Moren doesn't have a great voice to traditional ears, but neither did Bob Dylan. Moren's voice is so beautiful honest consuming. Composure is out, folks. Unfetter. This album forever rocks me. "Big Black Coffin" = my guts on the floor. Check out Moren's solo stuff. Phenomenal lyrics. You can only get "Social Competence" here, I think. But. You know. Do it.

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Too.... "Beatles". The singer has to face it -- he can't sing. Sorry! :-)

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Don't hold out for Writer's Block


Writer's Block is excellent, and is an improvement over Falling Out, but this record is still well worth listening to in addition to their latest.

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Hold out for Writer's Block


Even though eMusic won't let US folks get Writer's Block yet...it is worth the wait. Falling Out has some solid tracks, but doesn't live up to Peter Bjorn And John's next album. Hold out for better things.

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I first found PB&J on a compilation cd and liked what I heard so searched them out on emusic. I wasn't disappointed with Falling Out, it's a perfect pop album.

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PB+J Rules!


I heard a track from the new album 'Writers Block' and loved it. So I search emusic and find this album instead. Every track is great Swedish Pop / Indie music. It is so infectious you can't stop listening to it. Give it a shot!

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Better than what I expected


Worth listening to, well worked pop tunes in here. The singer's voice reminds me of John Lennon's from time to time.

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Peter Morén of Peter Bjorn and John

By Kevin O'Donnell, Contributor

Peter Bjorn and John may be indie rock's canniest chameleons. Over a half-dozen records, they've dipped into every conceivable style, from straight-up bids for chart domination (2007's worldwide smash "Young Folks") to austere, beat-savvy hip-hop to groovy instrumental albums like the ones on 2008's underrated Seaside Rock. But it's on their new album Gimme Some in which the Swedish trio shows off their true colors. Taking cues from their favorite punk and rock bands — among… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Peter Bjorn and John are three guys from Stockholm who have a knack for fine power pop-influenced and new wave-tinged guitar pop. Peter handles the vocals and guitars, John the drums, and Bjorn mans the bass and various keyboards; between them they have created a fresh and exciting record that is packed with great songs and intriguing sounds. Falling Out is their American debut and it sounds like the work of a band that has been perfecting its sound for years (as they in fact have since 1999). Their tunes are colored by glockenspiels, Speak & Spells, zithers, omnichords, and cheap synths and built on wonderfully inventive and heartfelt arrangements. Beneath the rich and varied sounds are some truly powerful songs. The up-tempo tracks are tense and tough, and Peter’s rasping and heart-on-sleeve vocals ride the melodies like a Joe Strummer who was grounded in pop rather than punk. Tracks like “Far Away, by My Side,” the surging “It Beats Me Every Time,” and “Money” clatter and soar and stick to you like marmalade. Connect the dots and you end up at the New Pornographers or Spoon. As fine as these tracks are, the soul of the record is in the ballads, and that soul has a darkness that comes only from heartbreak. “Does It Matter Now” oozes pain and sports a wrenching guitar-destroying climax. “All Those Expectations” builds from calm acoustic balladry to devastating passages of jagged guitars and mournful harmonica. “Big Black Coffin” is the centerpiece of the album, a big ballad complete with magisterial horns. The rising and falling dynamics and Peter’s aching vocals place the song in epic-ville, not far from Wilco if Wilco were three pop-loving Swedes with a Spector influence and a Springsteen heart. Songs like that and “Tailormade,” another track that will leave you slack-jawed at the sheer power, place them very close to the best indie rock — no, just plain music — being made in 2005. More punk than the Concretes, less frantic than the Shout out Louds, as catchy as the most tuneful of the U.K. post-post-post-punk merchants, Falling Out firmly establishes Peter Bjorn and John as a group to watch out for. Strike that. They are a band that has arrived in all senses of the word. – Tim Sendra

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