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The King Of Limbs

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The King Of Limbs album cover
Morning Mr Magpie
Little By Little
Lotus Flower
Give Up The Ghost
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 37:33

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The King Of Lambs


Lets just hope this is a temporary blip, what a piece of sh$*£!

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Another great one.


It took me over a year to love this album--and seeing them live. Live, "Give up the Ghost" was simply phenomenal. Everything was phenomenal. The quiet second half of this album is incredible stuff; the percussion-driven first half is super interesting rock that's not quite as easy to love, but gets to you eventually. I probably prefer In Rainbows, but I've lived with that album much longer. I don't think this band has made a misstep. Starting with Kid A, they really may have established themselves as the best/smartest rock band working.

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I love this album...that said, it may not be for everyone. I think Radiohead is one of those bands that manages to sound familiar and fresh at the same time, because their music is constantly evolving. TKOL is right up my alley...fantastic listening, good quality headphones recommended.

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another bad recommendation from emu's clueless recommendation engine.

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Uninspired and boring


After the great work of Hail to the Thief and In Rainbows, I find this yawn-inducing collection of directionless noodling particularly offensive. Any of the tracks here could have been an intro or outro or intermission, but they all go on as they begin. Bad songwriting all over the place.

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Albarn Squats for Yorke


Upon further review I've decided that Damon Albarn took a shit on Yorkes guitar...and the acoustic symphony that happened at that moment is what inspired the sound of TKOL. In addition, I must not be a true fan because I can't see how brilliant Radiohead is by purposely putting out an album inspired by shit. I am also old and listen to Matchbox 20 albums because I prefer to listen any album pre-In Rainbows.

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I love it


I love the music, I love the way Radiohead connect with their listeners - got this higher quality from direct from Radiohead - when will eMusic start providing higher quality recordings - we'd pay (a bit) more

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A Long-Time Fan That Approves of TKOL


I love Radiohead. It started with the Bends and Pablo Honey and hit it's peak with OK Computer. That Radiohead has evolved into today's Radiohead. If Radiohead were still playing like their old albums, it would SUCK! If you would like further proof of that, please listen to Muse's entire catalogue of early Radiohead rip offs. A band that doesn't evolve, dies. Maybe some of you would have preferred that, but I feel fortunate for their evolution. When you listen to TKOL, keep in mind the band's smart and intricate song writing injected with intense emotion. It' still there!

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Perfect cooking music


Slow burning songs that make the perfect accomplient to cooking a roast dinner or listening to before you go to sleep at night.

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Dollar Bin


If this music was made by any band other than Radiohead you would never know it exits...I take that back, without Radiohead name and fame, it would never even been recorded...I'm going to go listen to The Bends and forget the last 5 years of Radiohead music. P.S. WTF, a remix? Who wants a remix of possibly the most lazy piece of music ever made by one of the great rock bands of the last 2 decades...they phoned this in from a yacht in the med.

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