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2 album cover
Hide It Away
Your Bird
68 Comeback
Workin' Hard
Poor Man's Daughter
White Wolf
The Last of the Blue Dream
Something's Going to Break
Electric Guitar
Bless Us All
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 33:52

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Sean Fennessey


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Retribution Gospel Choir, 2
2010 | Label: Sub Pop Records

This is not the Alan Sparhawk you know. As the frontman for Duluth, Minnesota's Low, he has always been driven by foggy, thundering minimal rock — it's been called, to his chagrin, slowcore. But Retribution Gospel Choir, comprised of Sparhawk, Low bassist Steve Garrington, and Eric Pollard on drums, want nothing to do with glacial pacing. Instead, the second album from this between-albums side project is the most straightforward, brawny thing Sparhawk has ever done.… read more »

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Really good


Watching Low play live, it was always impressive how much restraint Alan used in his playing. It was very clear he could rip it up if he wanted to, and I'm glad to hear it here. I think this is a very solid release all the way through. I do wish track 3 was an actual song, cuz it sounds great, but then it simply ends...

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Half and half


There are some great rocking, driving tunes here, including 'Hide It Away', 'Working Hard', and 'White Wolf'. Then there's the droning, melancholy noise songs like 'Something's Going to Break' and 'Electric Guitar' that just make my head hurt. But I guess it just comes down to what you like. Sparhawk's band Low doesn't do it for me, so liking half this album is good enough. It was worth the download, certainly.

They Say All Music Guide

Fronted by singer/guitarist Alan Sparhawk of slowcore pioneers Low, Retribution Gospel Choir actually have very little in common with Low’s hushed sensibilities. Instead, the three-piece (Low’s lineup with drummer Eric Pollard subbed in for Mimi Parker) makes music in a more rock-oriented style — imagine a plodding Field Music or a beefed-up Kings of Leon. Their second album, aptly titled 2, is a blend of several types of rock: indie rock, alternative rock, American roots rock, and ‘70s rock, with glimmering three-part harmonies that often feel fitting for an active radio single. “Hide It Away” and the blue-collar anthem “Workin’ Hard” tote golden melodies that are way sunnier than the artwork would suggest, and are the sure standouts, but the album is balanced by dark stoner crunch, played up especially in the eight-plus-minute “Electric Guitar.” 2 is a prime example of an album that could have been trimmed into a great EP, but is weighed down by excess filler. “The Last of the Blue Dream” and “’68 Comeback” are tiny repetitive instrumental interludes tacked on for the sake of making it a ten-song record, and the plodding minor-key “Poor Man’s Daughter” and “Bless Us All” tend to drag. However, Sparhawk, Pollard, and bassist Steve Garrington catch fire on the other side of the spectrum, when they meld big riffs and power pop. – Jason Lymangrover

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