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Austin City Limits: Live From Austin, TX: Richard Thompson

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Austin City Limits: Live From Austin, TX: Richard Thompson album cover
Cooksferry Queen
Uninhabited Man
Walking The Long Miles Home
Al Bowlly's In Heaven
Mingus Eyes
Dry My Tears And Move On
Easy There, Steady Now
Bathsheba Smiles
Mr. Rebound
Ghosts In The Wind
She Twists The Knife Again
Shoot Out The Lights
Crawl Back (Under My Stone)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
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Total Tracks: 15   Total Length: 69:27

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As good as it gets


Thompson is worth the price of admission, and then some. Listening to a CD is, of course, entirely satisfying. But, one you take in a live performance, he will become your new Gold Standard by which all others are judged, whether you catch him solo, or with his band. That said, the two are completely different experiences, with the former having a feel that suggests a one-on-one with Thompson sitting in your living room. Pour another lager, sit back, and relax. You will not be disappointed, either way.

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Richard Thompson Must Be Great in Concert


This was a fantastic album to listen to. Richard Thompson must be great in concert and I'm really impressed. I would love to see him in concert.

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It's LIVE where he shines


Richard is that special songwriter who can cover the gamut of emotions from happy, sad, funny, poignant,and romantic with an acid tongue and a barbarous wit. It's his sheer musicality that is memorable. Great tunes and his guitar playing can take your breath away.

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Better than on record


Always found Thompson disappointing on record but this live album captures him at his best. Needs a good producer to get this kind of performance on tape!

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A good one!


My first album download on eMusic, and what a peach! For many years I've had people say that Richard Thompson is a fine song-writer. I just never got around to listening (since his Fairport Convention days), so this was all new to me. Quirky, very English lyrics (what did the people of Austin, Texas make of some of the references to places and things, I wonder!). If I had to choose a favourite track I guess it would be "Walking the Long Miles Home".

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Live Alive


I remeber the first time that I saw Richard Thompson live and was blown away to find out that what I always thought were two guitars was Richrd getting after it. This record captures the energy and intimacy his live shows always seem to have. The song selection is great and his playing and singing is as good on this record as I have ever heard live. Thank you for putting this one on emusic.

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Four Words: Richard Thompson is God


I'm listening to this disk while I write this, and it's everything the previous reviewer said: he sounds as good as I've ever heard him, with an intensity and control that belies his age (mid 50s). RT is simply one of the best there is. Good selection of newer and older material, particularly "Cooksferry Queen", "Shoot Out the Lights", and "Crawl Back Under My Stone" (his guitar work there is especially good). My only caveat is that he left out so many of my favourites, but then "Austin City Limits" is only an hour long programme. An excellent addition to the RT canon.

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Richard Rises


As a longtime fan going back to Fairport Convention, this recording is a revelation. I have his Fairport and solo albums and various live eps and they don't come close to the verve Richard shows in his singing on this date. Maybe being nearer to the roots of the music he loves gave him that extra push, but I don't think his singing has ever been this impassioned. I hesitated downloading this as I have the original recordings and other live versions, but I find that some of these songs sound new on this date. If you like Thompson, you'll love this recording.

They Say All Music Guide

There are few more reliable live performers than Richard Thompson, who never fails to impress on-stage in any context, and in recent years Thompson has been issuing a steady stream of live recordings (available through his website and at live shows), finally filling a void that bootleggers had been attempting to satisfy for some time. Live from Austin, TX is a slightly different animal than most of Thompson’s self-released live offerings — while many of Thompson’s live offerings were culled from several dates from the same tour, this is a direct audio recording of the set he played at a taping for the great PBS music series Austin City Limits on July 2, 2001. It’s also available through normal retail outlets, which means more people will be able to get hold of it, though in some ways it isn’t quite as strong as Semi-Detached Mock Tudor, Thompson’s 2002 release which includes much of the same material and a stronger, more dynamic sound mix. Still, there are those who will argue you can’t have too many recordings of Thompson singing his songs or offering up his dazzling guitar work, and it’s difficult not to agree after giving Live from Austin, TX a spin — his interplay with bassist Danny Thompson and drummer Michael Jerome is remarkable, his wiry guitar playing is largely sublime (though the version of “Bathsheba Smiles” features that modern rarity, Thompson actually flubbing a phrase!), and the set list strikes a lovely balance between material from Mock Tudor and gems from his back catalog. In short, this disc features Richard Thompson playing 15 excellent songs in concert, and really, how far wrong can you go with that? – Mark Deming

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