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Winnemucca album cover
Winner's Casino
Out of State
Patty's Retreat
Glisan Street
Somewhere Near
5 degrees below zero
Western Skyline
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 47:01

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Wilco wannabes?


Maybe but I think they've got enough unique style to hold their own. If you like the way this albums feels, read The Motel Life by Vlautin. It feels the same way.

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an excellent introduction


This is an excellent introduction to a fine, fine band. They are often compared to other artists and writers but I believe Richmond Fontaine is beyond comparison. The songs are filled with heartfelt sincerity and staggering moments of desperation and conflict. Despite the grisly details in the songwriting, there is a contradictory sense of hope and redemption. This band sets the standard. IMO, this release contains their best, and one of the best songs (lyrically and musically) I have ever heard, '5 Degrees Below Zero'. I was making a 'greatest hits' compilation for a friend and ended up with 92 songs. Their releases before and after this are also fantastic. One of the few bands that gets better with each release, and each release gets better with every listen. The singer/songwriter just released his first book 'The Motel Life'. It too is excellent. Any of this band's material is something you will enjoy for years to come.

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An incredible discovery


This is probably the best thing I've discovered on eMusic since I joined. Soothing and depressing at the same time, this album takes you on a journey that ends with the semi-epic "Western Skyline," a haunting, seven minute steel heavy finale that leaves you craving more. Can't wait to find the rest of their albums!

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Love that pedal


The first three tracks on this record are absolutely terrific. Throw in a couple of cracker instrumentals and wind it up with two great tunes that leaves you thinking that this is a classic. Highly recommended.

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A beautiful thing :)


Painful and sad music isn't often as good as this. It's a shame that The Fitzgerald and others are not available (yet) but this is not a second choice album. The 30 sec clips probably don't do it justice, but if you are at all intrigued by the reviews of this album then download, at least, Winner's casino and 5 degrees below zero.

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Genius (and I hate to use that word)


O.k. you must get this and it is great but furthermore you absolutely must go to itunes or amazon and get their cd "The Fitzgerald", it reall is absolute genius....it will damn near kill you inside....if you think you like Springsteen's "Nebraska", this makes that look like the Backstreet Boys....Let's face it, I love The Boss but he's been a star for about 30 years and wouldn't really know a workingman's life if it fell on him....these guys Know this world and it hurts.....They should be huge but they're too good and too difficult and fame would make them happy and ruin them....sorry guys such is the pain of being true....

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Heavy but amazing


Five Degrees Below Zero is an overwhelming song. Don't let the sadness scare you off of this one - it is brilliant.

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Painfully beautiful, Carver, Springsteen meet in a brothel in a nowhere desert town and create ghosts.... worth buying all their other albums that are not on Emusic.....in a perfect world Coldplay would be opening for them, and getting pelted with beer bottles......

They Say All Music Guide

Coming from the same domain as Ryan Adams, Gram Parsons, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, this Portland, OR, group’s fourth album provides a great escape from suburbia, despite the rather abrupt ending to the opening pop twang of “Winner’s Casino” and “5 Degrees Below Zero.” Lead singer Willy Vlautin propels the album with a voice that sounds as if it’s well wet from whiskey at times, particularly during “Out of State,” which is equally a cross between Jeff Tweedy and Tom Petty’s more reflective moments. By far the great track within is a heartfelt “Glisan Street,” a rather somber and sober look at any small town and its problems. There’s also a measure of guitar feedback and distortion in places, lending itself toward Wilco on “Northline,” although the song drags near the conclusion. Accompanied by pedal steel guitar, the songs are relatively tight in their arrangements despite being quite lengthy in cases. The album takes a very odd turn during the middle, with two instrumentals, one veering into experimental territory. “Patty’s Retreat” would fit well on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. – Jason MacNeil

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