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Revenge! album cover
Disc 1 of 2
We're On The Road
3:30   $0.99
You Shouldn't Have
4:15   $0.99
Fixin' To Fall
2:54   $0.99
Mad At A Girl
3:41   $0.99
The Buck Starts Here
4:32   $0.99
Goodbye, Good-Lookin'
3:09   $0.99
Busy Not Crying
3:15   $0.99
You Don't Mean It (soundcheck)
3:56   $0.99
Rock Bottom, Pop. 1
2:48   $0.99
Cigarette State
4:41   $0.99
Let's Kill Saturday Night
3:27   $0.99
Disc 2 of 2
Introductory Remarks by Amy Warren
0:17   $0.99
That's A Good Enough Reason
4:09   $0.99
3:44   $0.99
In Bristol Town One Bright Day
5:39   $0.99
I Wanna Be Mama'd
6:16   $0.99
Fake Jews Everywhere/The Death of Enthusiasm
2:53   $0.99
I Like Being Left Alone
3:14   $0.99
Bluebirds Are Singing For Me
3:33   $0.99
On A Real Good Day
5:08   $0.99
President Garfield's Hornpipe/Suza
4:42   $0.99
Kelly Hogan's Looking Hot/Closing Remarks
0:52   $0.99
Away Out On The Old Saint Sabbath
3:57   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 23   Total Length: 84:32

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Robbie Fulks, Revenge!
Label: Yep Roc Records / Redeye

Over two decades in the music biz, Robbie Fulks has amassed a catalogue of great songs, proven himself a master of styles ranging from honky-tonk to countrypolitan to straight-ahead pop songcraft and turned out one great album after another. But still he flies under the radar, nowhere near as well-known as fellow rootsy singer-songwriters like Rhett Miller or Ryan Adams. I'm afraid the reason for that is disturbingly simple: Robbie Fulks has one wicked… read more »

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The two faces of Fulks


There are, broadly, two kinds of Robbie Fulks shows- raucous, barnstorming, full-band shows and quieter, musically intricate, acoustic shows, either solo or with guests. What the two discs of this live album illustrate is how much overlaps between those two types of shows- the humor, the intelligence, the virtuosity and the passion.

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Fulks comes alive


OK, I'm biased - I have twice flown from the UK to see Robbie Fulks, once to Chicago, and once to San Francisco - but here's why. The pick of two shows that ooze all that is good, not just about country music, but music - vitality, humour, great playing, and great song-writing. What more could you possibly want, apart from a UK visit with the band?

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Effin Great!!!


I have former bandmates making it big in Chicago who just don't get Robbie Fulks. I can't understand it. Maybe it's the depth of subject-matter (he acknowledges the actual history of songwriting), maybe it's local scene loyalty to Wilco(as stupid as that sounds, I think it's a bit to accurate for comfort). I'm a huge fan of both. I dunno. The Chicago scene seems chock-full of fashion-plates these days. Fulks writes timeless, multi-layered songs that are hilarious, sad, embarrassingly sentimental and yet fixed in proper perspective. His songs are seemingly straight-forward but the mixed feelings they conjure are not. Seeing him live often converts the most jaded punk-rocker to country. They'll finally get it. Fulks is one of the few songwriters that've never recorded a bad, or even half-assed song. John Prine, Todd Snider, and Robbie Effin Fulks. There's very few who can make that claim. This is a fantastic album. Though, to be fair, they're ALL great.

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Revenge is SWEET


He rocks hard, he sings pretty, his songs range from hilarious to profoundly moving - one of the top 10 hillbilly albums of the past five years.

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I'm a big Robbie fan, so I pre-ordered it off his website, but this is a great live CD for emusic members. I think all his CD's are worth it.

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What A Waste!


He should really focus his talents toward the Bluegrass field of music. He could bring a much needed breathe of fresh air & humor to their world. He's excellent in that area!

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Not a rip-off


Like Robbie says, most live albums are a f'n ripoff (no new songs, poor sound quality, etc.) But not this one! Lots of new songs, incredible quitar picking, great sense of humor & story-telling, and a wide range of very high quality material. It's impressive how talented this guy is.

They Say All Music Guide

On the opening cut of Robbie Fulks’ album Revenge, Fulks and his band are interrupted while singing about the dubious joys of life on tour by a phone call from one of the head honchos at Yep Roc Records, who informs Fulks that the label wants a new record, but it has to be delivered fast and cheap since his previous effort didn’t move that many units. All of which serves as a curious but entertaining set-up for this double-disc live album, divided into a “Standing” set with a full electric band and a “Sitting” acoustic set featuring minimal accompaniment. Exactly who Robbie Fulks is wreaking vengeance upon (beyond the larger music-buying public who have failed to make him wealthy and famous) is never made clear, but this album is an accurate re-creation of the “Live Robbie Fulks Experience” for the fans at home. Fulks and his band are in superb form on disc one, especially guitarist Grant Tye and drummer Gerald Dowd, sounding tight and sympathetic as they swing from the weepy “The Buck Starts Here” to the swinging “Cigarette State” and closing out with the high-test rock & roll of “Let’s Kill Saturday Night.” The acoustic disc is no less accomplished, if a bit less user friendly, as it features both a Cher cover (“Believe”) and an enthusiastic celebration of misanthropy (“I Like Being Left Alone”), though Fulks’ duet with Kelly Hogan on the Carter Family’s “Away out on the Old Saint Sabbath” is beautiful stuff. On a good night, Fulks is one of the most exciting and entertaining singer/songwriters to emerge from the alt country scene with a band to match, and Revenge documents two very good shows with Fulks and his compatriots firing on all cylinders, even if his curiously smug sense of humor intrudes upon the proceedings every once in a while. – Mark Deming

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