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Hotdog/Panties in My Pocket 7''

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Hotdog/Panties in My Pocket 7'' album cover
Panties in My Pocket
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 8:24

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Hotdog/Panties in My Pocket


Flat out frenetic punk rock & roll. The fact that these 2 songs were recorded in, what can only be described as, less than optimal settings only adds to the fast paced, low down, bad ju-ju inviting music. Hotdog is perfectly flawed, with lunatic guitar riffs, gnarly vocals, and bass & drum being more than happy to keep up. First I didn't like this song all much. A few days later I was humming it, so I listened to it. Before long, I was listening to the song too much and now love every insane aspect of it. Even though the ONLY lyric I can make out is "HOTDOG!!" Panties in My Pocket should be a blue print on how to do rock n roll. An adrenaline/punk infused kick to the face, if this song doesn't get you moving around you should get yourself checked out. The same couple of verses sung over & over & over again, at various tempos, works extraordinarily well. Somehow four minutes isn't enough, even though it just repeats itself, you just want it to keep going.