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Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell

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Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell album cover
Road to Axum
Concrete Sunrise
Akademikus Du Umbeigu
Employees Must Wash Your Hands
Instrument of the Trinity
Healing of the Nations
Clean Escape (The Crew is Here)
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 47:18

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Robert Phoenix


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Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell, Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell
Label: ROIR / Virtual

They say that parenthood leads to patience, or at least a stab at the practice thereof. Long-time space-lord of futuristic dub Bill Laswell is a fairly new dad, which might explain why the pace of this collaboration with Roots Tonic (Matisyahu's backing band), is much more measured and controlled than many of his previous excursions in the magical world of dub. The recording kicks off with the mellow and simple "Road To Axum,"… read more »

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Mellow stuff...


Employees.. is the best track, I agree. The music overall is nice if you want to change from one artist in the genre to another, like changing your socks. Worth the downloads if you like beats.

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its OK


your standard dub, Employees Must Wash Your Hands is the best track imho.

They Say All Music Guide

Few developments in the pop music world came as quite as big a surprise as the orthodox Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu’s chart hit “King Without a Crown” in early 2006. The unlikely sight of a fully bearded, overcoated, and behatted Hasid beatboxing and toasting on-stage with an electric reggae band was visually startling, but it wasn’t strange enough to complete distract from the man’s heartfelt lyrics of spiritual yearning and finger-wagging declamation, or from his band’s powerful, sinuous grooves. That band is called Roots Tonic (there’s an in-joke for music theory geeks in there), and Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell is the trio’s chance to shine on its own, under the loving care of famous bassist and producer Bill Laswell (with whom they worked previously when he produced Matisyahu’s major-label debut). If you’re looking for innovative electro-dub or Jewish-reggae fusion of the Adonai & I variety, you’ll need to look elsewhere; this disc is nothing but rock-solid, meat-and-potatoes instrumental roots reggae with a deep, dark production style and a pervasive dubwise ambience of the type familiar to Laswell fans everywhere. Highlight tracks include the slowly rocking “Road to Axum,” a loping one-drop number titled “Employees Must Wash Their Hands,” and the generically titled but supremely heavyweight “Healing of the Nations.” Very highly recommended to all fans of modern roots reggae. – Rick Anderson

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