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Zenit album cover
Artist: Klaus Schulze, Schiller
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 12:47

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Practially worth the price.


For those looking to complete your Klaus Schulze collection this song is a must have. Puts you in a kind trance.

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Very Nice


Being a Schulze-aholic, I'll grab anything Klaus stamps his name to. This is no exception, a pricey one, but worth it. Klaus is basically providing the rhythm and floaty atmospheres on this tune. And, I'd have to say, it sounds more like a Wahnfried rhythm, a la "Time Actor," mixed with something in line with "Audentity." It definitely dates back to the early 80's-style rhythm. At the 3:30 mark, a lonely gypsy viola introduces itself and hovers along with the soft pads. Picture Wolfgang Tiepold on viola. It doesn't last long, maybe a minute or so. If you're a KS fan, bite the bullet and get it. If you're a Schiller fan, I dunno - there's not much of him present here - just a little vocal part that is hardly noticeable.

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Oh my!


1 song for 12 credits...must be a glitch. Wonder if i would enjoy it even at the platinum price? I may never know!

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The problem with the new eMusic...


12 credits for one song? This is getting somewhat ridiculous. I would like to get it, enjoying both artist's solo works - but don't want to pay 12 credits... What to do?