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Las De La Intuicion

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Las De La Intuicion album cover
Las De La Intuicion ((English version))
Las De La Intuicion ((Spanish version))
Album Information

Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 13:00

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Stop Dissing Emusic, people!


If you are looking for big name artists and current hits by them, go spend your money on iTunes or Puretracks or buy a CD or something. This site is for DISCOVERING new and old music that may not be well known (yet or anymore). This is Shakira's music, but maybe not a current top hit or not the way you're used to hearing it... so take it or leave it, but stop picking on eMusic. They are doing what they claim! You just aren't reading long enough to find out what it's all about and you are losing out on a LOT of good music, if you go away... but that's your loss. I have found tons of gems on here.

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hate this site - absolute trash - do not pay for this!! There is nothing here! This is a scam! I hate emusic! AAAAAAH!

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crappy site...


There is hardly anything worth downloading on here! Even getting a few songs for free doesn't seem worth the time I spend searching!

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Wow, this is the worst site ever! Really who would ever think that this site would ever make $$. Time to Cancel my subscription!

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I too can find no music....!!


I too can find no music....And starting to feel like I am wasting my time!!

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emusic......or rather nomusic


This site sucks. Cannot find any music I want. They offer 30, 40 or 50 free downloads. They may as well offer 1000's I haven't downloaded one yet!! What a waste of time.

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Every song I type in search is not here...this is a crappy site.

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not one original shakira song....or any good music yet....im wasting my time....:(

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Love it


This one of the good songs of this website!