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At Sixes And Sevens

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At Sixes And Sevens album cover
Sister Nightfall
On The Wane
In A Manica
At Sixes And Sevens
Manic Aeon
A Shadow Of Your Own Self
In Sumerian Haze
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 53:58

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Work of art


Unlike anything I had heard before, this is their best album. I've listened to Sirenia go through singer after singer, but Fabienne Gondamin is the best of them all. Definitely worth the download

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Another eMusic Find


To my ears at least, this fine album sits somewhere between Nightwish and the Sisters of Mercy (symphonic metal with gothic touches). Well worth downloading!

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So happy to have found this band. I found them on i tunes and paid their high prices for the first two albums...don't make the same mistake. Download now....Start with "Meridian" "On The Wane" "Shadow of your own self" if you are still unsure.

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A long time fan


i started with this group in 2003 and have loved them since. My kids ages 12 and 13 love them as well. Must start appreciation at an early age. My 6 year old loves the female vocals not so fond of the harsh male but he has time to GROW. This group is by far one of the best and I only wish they were more mainstream (in someways).

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best heavy metal song ever


I don't particularly like heavy metal (or is it just metal?), but I love "A Shadow of Your Own Self". With the clean female vocal on top of the stereotypical heavy metal guitar and rough male voices (fortunately well blended in), it reminds me of Evanescence. This is the best heavy metal song I've ever heard. But maybe that's just me ...

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Breath in ~~ something new


I agree with Satakieli. This is a breath of fresh air. A download must indeed ~ So mote it be.

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No doubt, this is one my favorite albums. Any fan of goth metal, or any other type of metal should seriously consider taking a look at Sirenia. Fav bands: Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage, Cradle of Filth, and now Sirenia.

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Veland continues where he left off


This album could very well have been the follow up to the Tristania album "Beyond the Veil". Morten Veland, the "leader" of this band is a previous member of Tristania but decided to leave the band and start Sirenia. Sirenia offers everything you would expect from Morten Veland, melodic metal at it's finest with choirs and a large multitude of vocals. One female and multiple clean voice male in addition to Veland's own black voice make this a mixture of many genres which could turn into a mess if not done properly. Veland does his job better than "properly". An excellent album.

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Fresh Breath in something old


In a very common genre dominated by bands like Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, It brings a very fresh flavor to the gothic metal genre. This album from start to finish is a masterpiece. I recommend the this album as a must have.

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Short Review


For fans of Sisters of Mercy and Children Of Bodom. Well produced, well arranged. 8/10. Loses the last 2 points for lack of originality.

They Say All Music Guide

The orchestral gothic metal of Morten Veland’s Sirenia is more than ambitious on the group’s debut, At Sixes and Sevens — it’s almost cosmic in scope and epic by any standard. After carefully honing his skills in the more collaborative Tristania, Veland holds nothing back on this 2002 Napalm offering. A cadre of operatic vocalists and classical musicians wrap Veland’s songs in a composite sheen that’s rare even within a genre known for grand soundscapes. A few plodding numbers (the title track and “Lethargica”) miss their mark, but when highlights like the anthemic “Shadow of Your Own Self” get into gear, At Sixes and Sevens rolls like thunder and flows like the bitter tears of Veland’s less-accomplished goth/doom colleagues. – Jason Anderson

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