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30 Gallon Tank EP

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30 Gallon Tank EP album cover
30 Gallon Tank
Car Radio (Different)
I Could Be Underground
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 10:49

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I love eps!!!


One of my favorite eps of all time. The different version of "Radio" is great grainy quality and better than the Series of Sneaks version. I will always use this EP as measure to all other Spoon stuff.

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is a good track, too.

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Small but mighty...


Outstanding little ep that is worth getting for "I Could Be Underground" alone. So if you only have a few downloads left in any given month, give this release a shot...you'll be glad you picked this one up.

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where ever she may be


where ever she may be, these guys have yet to find their muse on this set.

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Friggin Great!!!!


This is without a doubt one of my favorite Spoon releases ever! The only thing they've done that I like better is The Soft Effects E.P. which is a be-aatch to get your hands on. I dare you to listen to this whole E.P. just three times straight through. You'll be hooked to the gills. Why, it's like audio crack!

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It's all about the "Underground"


You can't lose downloading all four songs, but "I Could Be Underground" is probably the best Spoon song ever recorded. It shows up on in a couple of different versions on three or four different releases. But it's a non-album track that takes all the band's greatest strengths well into the red. A brutal, laconic riff. Stellar percussion. Oh, and holy crap, what is probably Daniel's finest vocal performance. Alternating between a low slur and silky, desperate falsetto, he does what your average slacker twee indie rocker couldn't pull off in his dreams. He gives the young Mick Jagger a run for his money as the best singer in rawk. As for the dudes his own age, there's no one else even close. Anyone with ears will tell you no one else is even trying.