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The Agony of Laffitte

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The Agony of Laffitte album cover
The Agony of Laffitte
Laffitte Don't Fail Me Now
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 7:15

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Ian Cohen


Ian Cohen caused a minor uproar after panning the first Presidents of the United States of America LP in his high school newspaper, and not much has changed sin...more »

The stuff of minor legend
1999 | Label: Saddle Creek

In 1999 Spoon temporarily called Saddle Creek home for a 7-inch and, in retrospect, it’s sort of like seeing Ryne Sandberg in a Phillies uniform or Chauncey Billups in Celtics green — a temporary but undeniably crucial early shaming that ultimately directed their Hall of Fame trajectory. Spoon would certainly write better songs, but The Agony of Laffitte is the stuff of minor legend, a sarcastic attack on their former Elektra A&R in the vein… read more »

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This CD single is Britt Daniel’s hostile response to betrayal at the hands of Elektra records’ alleged A&R man Ron Laffitte. The two tunes here utilize the wonderful technique of mismatching their components’ moods; that is to say, the music and melodies are downright beautiful while the lyrics are scathingly angry. They find Daniel wondering aloud about the unscrupulous rascal Laffitte, “it’s like I knew/two of you man/the one before and after we shook hands” and “all I want to know/is are you ever honest with anyone?” Gracefully executed and cathartic, The Agony of Laffitte is possibly the best double-cross retaliation single in the history of rock, so effective that it’s difficult to want to hear the villainized Laffitte’s side of the story. The only question is, why was it reserved for 5″ plastic and never pressed to wax? – Bryan Carroll

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