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Sad Robots

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Sad Robots album cover
Maintenance Hall, 4 AM
A Thread Cut With A Carving Knife
Going, Going, Gone (Live Version)
14 Forever
Sad Robot
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 22:12

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Todd Burns


Stars, Sad Robots
2008 | Label: Arts & Crafts / The Orchard

Sad robots are nothing new in the indie-rock world. Grandaddy, for example, pretty much based their entire career on them. But when Stars go the route of depressed android, it's a cause for concern: The band has always contained plenty of synths, but has been vigilant about leavening them with fathoms-deep toms and chiming guitars. Luckily, the group's most electronic outing since their 2001 debut, Nightsongs, works mostly in spite of its concept.… read more »

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Get "Undertow"


Best song by this group. Hauntingly beautiful.

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This album exemplifies everything I love about this band. What a great mini collection of songs. I hope to see more of this from stars in the future.

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8. Are you the greatest singer ever born? Then let


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Great EP


I'm really impressed by the album. Do yourself a favor and download Undertow, it's an amazing track and'll give you the vibe of the album. Every track is outstanding, it's almost like they had a good LP and just left off those songs you skip through anyway.

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I really like the direction this band is moving. I really liked 'set yourself on fire', and really didn't like 'In our bedroom after the war', and I feel this EP is a sign of good things to come.

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This EP is missing a song.


The best song on this EP is "Why I Want To Save You." Why is it missing on eMusic?

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Sad Robots is my introduction to Stars, so I do not have much comparison to their former albums to go on. That being said, I am quite impressed with this E.P. The arrangements are tight with the only real weak link being the title track, and that is just a matter of opinion. Definitely give it a listen!

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I had kind of let them go after their disappointing last album, but there are some great tracks on this.

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Solid Effort


There's nothing on this as EP that's as immediately brilliant as "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" off of the Set Yourself on Fire album, but it's solid and I'm sure that I'll like it more after a few more listens.

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This EP is awesome. Stars are amazing, and this EP definitely proves it. can't wait for the next album!!

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They Say All Music Guide

Sad Robots was the first release by Stars following their relatively successful 2007 studio album In Our Bedroom, After the War; the Extended Play was also the band’s first release on the Soft Revolution label, which is where they would release their next few releases as well. Originally released only as a digital album, the band began selling physical copies of the EP online. Though the album was a success for the band’s fans, the album spawned no singles and saw no commercial success. – Matthew Chisling