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Set Yourself On Fire

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Set Yourself On Fire album cover
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Set Yourself On Fire
Ageless Beauty
The Big Fight
What I'm Trying To Say
One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead)
Sleep Tonight
The First Five Times
He Lied About Death
Celebration Guns
Soft Revolution
Calendar Girl
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 53:07

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Wondering Sound

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Todd Burns


Stars, Set Yourself On Fire
2005 | Label: Arts & Crafts / The Orchard

There's only one bad thing you can say about Stars'Set Yourself on Fire: it doesn't contain career highlight “Elevator Love Letter.” Otherwise, this album is pretty much the perfect indie-pop record, replete with girl/boy harmonizing, epic choruses and the type of catchy tunes that could've only been created (these days, anyway) in Canada.

But it's not just perfect pop constructions. Check the extended coda on the title track, which cuts off the… read more »

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very good


Just get it, you won't have regrets. Well, not about getting this album, anyway.

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this is a top-tier album, one of my favorites of the naughts. (this is def not indigo girls. no idea what choofnagle is up to.)

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Some good, some bad


There's a couple of nice songs on here ("Sleep Tonight" is fabulous), but Stars lets politics get in the way of a good album. The line "I hope your drunken daughters are gay" in the track "He Lied About Death", a tirade against George Bush, comes off as so sophomorically petty as to nearly ruin the entire album.

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Good tracks


Great album that explore the pleasures and hardships of relationships.

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This one has aged so well.


This album is a bit hit and miss for me... The tracks that I like I really love, while other songs I just don't like. "Set Yourself on Fire" has to be my personal fav; it sounds like it came out straight out of 1982 or something.

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Indigo Girls?


Someone needs to get out more. Is that the only girl singers you can think of? This is a great album. Ageless Beauty is agelessly beautiful--it sends chills down my spine.

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No, it's really cliche


It's like the indigo girls but more annoying

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it's so cliche to say "cliche" isn't it?! I was in a really down mood and these folks picked my head up in one fell swoop. Now if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is.

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always the best


Stars always amazes with it's unique sound and style.

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Well executed Indie


I'll be honest -- I find lo-fi indie with unskilled vocals completely unpalatable. Well, Stars fits the broody, indie category well... but this album is very listenable. Talented music and vocals, catchy, and upbeat in its broodiness. Worth downloading.

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They Say All Music Guide

The artwork for Stars’ Set Yourself on Fire is eye-catching and dramatic, like a protest painting or Keith Haring subway drawing. And that’s before you find the inside shot of a woman in a ski mask and little else, contemplating a flaming hand torch. The art direction’s boldness complements the maturity in Stars’ music, where nothing’s just indie pop and string arrangements sound as perfect as the keyboards. Vocalists Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan enunciate every word with careful precision, and they sing of remembered high-school romances, dead ex-lovers, and drunk current ones in basic but powerfully evocative language. It’s a twentysomething life, told in short story form. In opener “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead,” Campbell and Millan’s characters don’t rekindle their relationship, but they don’t apologize for its end, either. “I’m not sorry I met you,” they harmonize. “I’m not sorry it’s over/I’m not sorry there’s nothing to save,” and the song’s strings and brass build to a surging outro that’s the wordless acknowledgement of everything they had. The title track is augmented by strings of its own, keening dizzily in the background of an undeniable electronic pop pulse, and “What I’m Trying to Say” does the same thing, but replaces the strings with electric guitar. “Reunion”‘s near-perfect guitar pop brings to mind Spoon, and mid-album mates “Sleep Tonight” and “First Five Times” have different views on the intent of (and locations for) modern romance. The songs blend trumpet, keyboard effects, acoustic guitar, and electronic and analog percussion for an intelligent pop sound that doesn’t need bells and whistles to be unique. Stars rely instead on melody, charisma, and lyrics as sharp as any modern essayist, and it’s all they need to sell the quiet grandness of Set Yourself On Fire. – Johnny Loftus

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