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Reich: Music for 18 Musician

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Reich: Music for 18 Musician album cover
Music for 18 Musicians: Pulse - Sections I-X - Pulse
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 56:31

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Awesome, and 42p!


More pricing madness. This one in favour of consumers. Buy buy buy!

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Best Value download on eMusic, (but.....)


(Has anyone noticed a very brief glitch/ hiccup in the quieter passage at 24'43"?) This composition is such a joy to listen to. Reich recently performed this in London - my second live experience of '18' - and it was an incredibly moving experience. Something in between the massed congregation of a sacred gathering and the collective union of an enormous rave. Extraordinary and visceral

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A rich multilayered cake ..


of assonant sounds - yum! - a real treat!

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If you like this, don't miss...


...the version by Grand Valley State University's New Music Ensemble, which is by no means a poor second to this, the definitive recording of the piece.

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The best download ever


Perhaps the best piece of music ever written - certainly my favourite - in a single track. Perfect!

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One of Reich's early meisterst√ľke, in the fine, original ECM recording, all for the price of one download.