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Recollection album cover
We'll Meet Again Sometime
4:13   $0.99
Or Am I Dreaming
2:30   $0.99
Song Of A Sad Little Girl
5:29   $0.99
That Which Once Was Mine
3:33   $0.99
6:09   $0.99
The Man Who Called Himself Jesus
4:36   $0.99
Temperament Of Mind
5:28   $0.99
Josephine, For Better Or For Worse
3:27   $0.99
The Antique Suite
The Battle
5:52   $0.99
Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth
Dance On
2:24   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 68:05

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At last!


Every couple of weeks I key in my favorite bands, hoping that one day they will show up, The Strawbs being one at the top of my wish list. Not that I haven't found some gems from people I never heard of, but listening to samples of unknown bands takes forever. Love this whole album except track one. Hopefully Hero & the Heroine and Grave New World will also make an appearance here, as Witchwood has also rereleased these original A & M recordings.

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The Strawbs!!!


Finally! I've only listened to The Man Who Called Himself Jesus and The Battle and at least 'Jesus' (not a religious song, per se, just what if you kept running into a relatively credible guy, in a pub, who said he was Jesus, and the mental battle you would have with yourself whether he really was Jesus or just crazy), sounded a bit different than some other versions I've heard. But very good. The Battle is such a Strawbs' classic and Cousins rough, emotive voice is perfect for it, esp live. I think the review above says anything else I would say, except GET IT! It may not be the greatest entry point for a newbie, but you never know. Wakeman was in his Strawbs' heyday and is certainly a treat here.

They Say All Music Guide

Recorded live in 1970 (the exact venue[s] and source[s] are not given), this 68-minute disc is a very good-sounding document of the Strawbs as they sounded shortly after Rick Wakeman joined the band, and as they were making their transition from folk-rock to harder progressive-edged music. Most of the material’s from their early albums Strawbs (1969) and Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios (1970), and it’s interesting to hear the Strawbs songs in particular undergo some rearrangement to integrate Wakeman’s classical-influenced keyboards. Wakeman’s contributions are very much at the forefront throughout the tracks, in fact, especially on his instrumental “Temperament of Mind.” But they’re always a factor in taking the group further away from their folk base into something artier, with a lengthy solo on a nine-minute “Where Is This Dream of Your Youth?,” for instance, that makes the tune quite different from the sparer studio treatment. As for rarities of interest to hardcore Strawbs fans, there’s a version of “We’ll Meet Again Sometime,” a song the group didn’t put on their early albums, though Dave Cousins put it on his 1972 album Two Weeks Last Summer, and the banjo-organ-dominated instrumental “Dance On” (originally a hit for, of all people, the Shadows), which had never been previously included on any Strawbs or Strawbs-related release. Most listeners will be most pleased, however, by the well-sung, well-played, and well-recorded renditions of some of their more familiar early songs, such as “The Antique Suite,” “The Battle,” “Where Is This Dream of Your Youth?,” “Josephine, for Better or for Worse,” and “The Man Who Called Himself Jesus.” – Richie Unterberger

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