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Seven Swans

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Seven Swans album cover
All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands
The Dress Looks Nice on You
In the Devil's Territory
To Be Alone With You
Size Too Small
We Won't Need Legs to Stand
A Good Man Is Hard to Find
He Woke Me Up Again
Seven Swans
The Transfiguration
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 46:14

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I can't stop listening to it... I love all of Sufjan Stevans work, he is my favorite artist ever.

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there were once at peace..


I had kind of avoided listening to SS cuz all my peeps be all up on his jammie. and you know, i just figured that he must be totally over-rated.. but what do you know.. homebiskiz gots some skills up in his purdy jawz. This album is srsly filled with amazing beauty and heartwrinching style. If you say you arent moved by it, you might want to check yr heart sounds. xo! :)

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Totally satisfying on every level


A great album designed to be listened to as a complete begining-to-end experience. Stevens imagery is haunting and the standout tracks - Seven Swans, Sister, A Good Man - lift this album to near classic status. Essential!

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A Grower but a Keeper


Steeped in faith and humility, this album takes a slower tone than his others. If you're looking for the levels of orchestration of his State Albums, you'll still find it here, but hidden in layers of meekness. In short: Listen to this album, but be sure to appreciate his other albums.

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This stuck with me.


One of those perfectly paced albums. The songs have a literary bent, some almost to obscurity, but they are not at all pretentious and can effectively relax or challenge the listener. While other Sufjan albums send you on an breathtaking statewide tours, Seven Swans drives you around his hometown.

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Vibrations to my soul


This is among my top ten emusic downloads. Sufjan is one of those artists who has the unique ability to deny genrefication. His smooth vocals, lofty harmonies and novel instrumentation blend to create an ethereal soundscape that brings me to a place of peace and calm.

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not alice cooper?


Yeah, he's not Alice Cooper - and I like Alice Cooper (who I too am trying to hide that I know only from the Muppets). And all tracks aren't on the level of 'Seven Swans', but if they were we'd have to elect him president. At least two more songs are great, and the rest well worth hearing. And 'Seven Swans'? Profound, moving, beautiful. They say his best work isn't here, but this is very good. And there's no one else quite like him.

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Good, not accessible


I'll admit it took me forever to fall in love with Illinoise, so I'm still holding out hope for this one, but I have a hard time listening through this album. The first couple songs are very good and then it becomes fairly redundant to me. It's far less charming than Illinois. But it still has some very well written songs, so I'm holding out hope.

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Soundtrack for an Important Event


One of the few artists that I prominently featured in the music at my wedding. My bride walked to "The Dress Looks Nice on You." This album inspires me.

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His best


This is definitely my favorite Sufjan record. There is so much emotional depth packed into every song - it's unbelievable.

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They Say All Music Guide

After completing the first installment of his planned series of 50 records — one album dedicated to each state in the U.S. — indie folk overachiever Sufjan Stevens returns with Seven Swans, a collection of stripped-down, introspective musings on life, love, and faith that chart the geographic location of the heart and soul. Many of these themes were dealt with eloquently on Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lakes State, presenting the singer/multi-instrumentalist as a first-rate interpreter of the human condition, as well as a gifted musician. The 12 tracks on Swans yield the same bounty, but with a leaner arsenal, due to Stevens’ sparse arrangements and production from Danielson Famile mastermind Daniel Smith. Fellow Famile members Elin, Megan, David, and Andrew — who also appeared on The Great Lakes State — lend their vocal and percussion talents to the mix, resulting in a surreal campfire environment that’s part confessional and part processional. Beginning with the gorgeously titled “All the Trees in the Field Will Clap Their Hands,” Stevens saunters out of the gate with nary an overdub to be heard, letting the banjo lead the parade, slowly picking up piano, percussion, and the angelic voices of Megan and Elin before disappearing over the hilltop. He channels Bert Jansch on the love song “The Dress Looks Nice on You” and Eric Matthews on “To Be Alone With You,” striking a winning balance of ’60s British folk and indie Americana. Like the Violent Femmes’ seminal pseudo-Christian masterpiece, Hallowed Ground, Seven Swans treats religion with simplicity and sincerity, approaching the subject with an almost feverish peacefulness. “Abraham,” “We Won’t Need Legs to Stand,” and “He Woke Me Up Again,” with its fiery, overdriven organ, are all effective tomes of the singer’s faith, but that faith can be tested. Stevens is quite aware of the dark, and no more so than on the Flannery O’Connor-inspired “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” a first-person murder narrative that reveals a subtle current of menace only hinted at in the earlier portion of the record. Like faith, these songs require patience, as their almost mantra-like arcs take their time to fully form. By the time he reaches the spirited closer, “Transfiguration,” an affirming take on the Gospels that reaches an almost Polyphonic Spree crescendo, the listener has no choice but to conform — if only for the length of the record — to the writer’s unabashed spirituality, and at just under 45 minutes, it’s an easy choice to make. – James Christopher Monger

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