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The Age of Adz

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The Age of Adz album cover
Futile Devices
Too Much
Age of Adz
I Walked
Now That I'm Older
Get Real Get Right
Bad Communication
All for Myself
I Want To Be Well
Impossible Soul
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 75:09

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Wondering Sound

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J. Edward Keyes


Joe Keyes writes about music.

Sufjan Stevens, The Age of Adz
2010 | Label: Asthmatic Kitty Records / SC Distribution

Ah, the electronic record. Noted refuge for artists itching to reinvent, everyone from Neil Young to Radiohead to Glenn Danzig have, to varying degrees of success, utilized technology as a means for advancement when the traditional way of doing things was seeming either limiting or familiar or just plain dull. Whether or not the experiment works is often beside the point: A radical aesthetic shift allows for a kind of artistic "ground zero,"… read more »

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A bit unexpected


Well, its certainly not dull! However, not what I expected. Forget the pastoral stuff, this is a different ball game I think. I suspect I won't be playing it as much as 7 swans! That should tell you what you need to know.

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His best since Illinois


And only since Illinois (BQE doesn't count). Why does this talented singer-songwriter not sing and write more songs?

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Charlie Brown music


When Charlie Brown grew up and made music, he changed his name to Sufjan Stevens. The peanuts gang become his backup performers. This is the manifestation of Charlie Brown's childhood of abusive introspection, "trombone" adults, and a freakish dog who stole his limelight. It's music that is equal parts clorox-white and basement-boy disturbing.

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Mental Illness Meets Pop Genius


Five years removed from recording his last proper full-length album (the brilliant Illinois), Sufjan Stevens returns with his first foray into electronic music. While Stevens’ sound has changed some between now and then, his usual quirkiness and affinity for unique musical arrangements is back and we’re all the better for it. Read more at www.everythinginitswriteplace.wordpress.com

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Approach with caution


There is some lovely music here ('I Walked', Too Much') but halfway through it unravels. It's saying something, when the last track, at 25 minutes, is not the most overstuffed here. Undeniably interesting though.

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One of the 16 albums in the top 20 on emusic...


...that i can't buy in Australia. That's right I said 16 out of 20, Emusic. Sheesh.

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One of the best of 2010


Simply put, his best since "Illinois." It sounds quite a bit different than "Illinois," though. As previous reviews said, this one is more electronic, and probably more experimental than most of his releases, but it remains accessible.

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would love to get this...


...but not available. all of Sufjan's other albums are available outside the US - even his most recent Delighted EP, but not this one. Good one guys, I'm a keen consumer!

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Oh, the "Electronic Album"


I was a little worried at first when I heard Sufjan was trying another "Electronic Album", but I have to say, this album delivers. There are some songs that sputter, but there's some real gems in here. Highlights for me are "Age of Adz", "Vesuvius" and "All for Myself" to name a few. All and all, a successful venture into another sound.

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You want to charge me again??


Can somebody please start up an online music site exactly like emusic was before the credit / currency change as this new site wants to charge me again for an album I had previously downloaded! If it ain't broke... change it anyway! Shocking.

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