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The Grimm Robe Demos

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The Grimm Robe Demos album cover
Black Wedding
Defeating Earth's Gravity
Dylan Carlson
Grimm And Bear It
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 72:26

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Turn out the lights and go for a ride!

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There's better out there


Each track sounds like the other so it's difficult to listen to the whole thing without getting a bit bored. Under the right circumstances, maybe if I was very very stoned for instance, it would be better - but in that case I'd probably want to listen to more interesting music. Flight of the Behemoth (the only other Sunn album I own) is better to these ears.

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Honestly, I have to agree with lupin4. I downloaded this album and tried to give it a chance but i just couldn't get into it. It's pretty ewwwy.

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trance metal


it does remind me of the melvins. if you dont like it why waste time slamming them?

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Not for everyone


Sunn 0))) is not for everyone, that's for sure. Perhaps however, jgray.gkarma shouldn't attack what he can't understand. (Swearing demonstrates a lack of vocabulary, and you sound very much like an ignorant teenage troll yourself.) Anyhow, rewarding music for the right pair of ears - give it a chance.

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Wank music for teens


If you think this is great music, crawl up your own shriveled arse and beg for mercy. UR the George W. Bush, media manipulated , brain-dead masses that Satan hoped to exploit. Job well done minions. To all you fans, come on. Face the fact that you are impressionable twits with no basis for critical opinion. Masturbation is not an excuse for one hour plus of wasted listeners time. emusic subscribers, this is when you get pay back. Don't download this utter shite.

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Music for destroying the Earth


The earth is broken up and reduced to shards under a black sky.

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I am laughing at how extreme all these reviews have been for this unique music. Love 'em or hate 'em --- they are true artists who have found their own niche. This is definitely the most evil ambient music I've ever come across...it would sound great as the soundtrack for a horror movie.

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what a pisstake...


my old washing machine used to make noises like this. so i threw the fckr out and got a new one. problem solved. music made by people with their heads shoved up their own arses...

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This is wonderful heavy drone band stuff, it's perfect for me to listen to while negotiating traffic on my bicycle. There was an "introductory" article in the Sunday Seattle Times (5-27), of all places, about drone metal. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have to get our information in a variety of places--when I listened to this, I was hooked. Nothing is just noise; if it has a structure, then it's just something waiting for an (appropriate) audience.

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Sunn’s first release, The Grimmrobe Demos, contains three lengthy tracks — ranging from 15 to 21 minutes — all in their patented, Earth-inspired low-end drone style. This is not music to sing along to, to dance to, to tap your foot to, or to do anything else but sit back and let it envelop and/or wash over you. Some listeners will find Sunn’s style unbearably slow-paced and sludgy, while others will find it powerful and hypnotic (at least under the right circumstances). In terms of Sunn’s overall discography this is not a bad place to start, but their next album, 00 Void, covers the same basic territory with slightly better production and is also easier to find, as this disc was issued in a limited edition of just 500 copies. – William York

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