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White 2

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White 2 album cover
Bass Aliens
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 62:52

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dunnnnnnnnnnnnn! dunnnnn.........


the drug literature side of death metal. completely pointless but undeniably cool. for me it's as hilarious as it is terrifying, but that's not always a bad thing.

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So, to sum up:


I peed in a horse once.

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Nah man; DoctorDee's right.


The people who don't like this album are looking for the wrong thing from the wrong band. Does that make this album bad? SHIT NO!!! This record is fucking ace! Especially for people that like their brand of metal or ambient or whatever label you give it. Dismiss it all you want, call it hype, Sunn O))) have quite a discography and following under their belts.

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This is a Review of the last guys review


actually its the second to last guys review.. the one titled 'Damn You All'.. Thank you!!!! That was fucking hysterical.. What a great review. Haha..

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Accuser. You don't get this shit. That's cool, chill. Go to another party. You're welcome here, but if you don't enjoy it, that's cool too... just don't bum our trip. Yeah?

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Damn You All


The first two tracks are the usual pointless and annoying Sunn 0))) lazy minimal nonsense, but I actually had hope for the third track 'Decay', as it features guest vocals from Attila Csihar. And his performance is bleakly magnificent, yet the track still fails completely. Why? Because the rest of the "band" DON'T FUCKING DO ANYTHING AT ALL TO BACK HIM UP, EXCEPT HOLD DOWN A SINGLE KEYBOARD KEY FOR TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES. God damn it I hate Sunn 0))) and all the stupid hype about them so fucking much.

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A companion piece to the previous year’s White 1, White 2 once again sees bottom-frequency explorers Sunn O))) stretching their creative limits with three very distinctive, extended pieces of ambient, nearly subsonic non-doom. Indeed, like all Sunn O))) releases before it, White 2 is a pretty specialized affair; offering the sort of bowel-affecting music that would probably stump 99 percent of the planet — unable to grasp collaborators Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley’s subversive mission of sound in the first place. But for the 1 percent who get it, White 2 represents as uncompromising and usually satisfying a vision of mind-blowing adventure one is likely to find in fringe-metallic quarters. Opener “Hell-o)))-Ween” (a mere song snippet at 14 minutes!) latches onto a series of unfeasibly thick power chords that then proceed to rumble and cascade endlessly upon themselves, patiently building in intensity as they go. The 23-minute “bassAliens” takes a different, more subtle and diverse approach: swimming down to deep, impenetrably dark oceanic trenches before slowly surfacing by way of electronic bleeps and blurps, ultimately cresting in a series of loosely structured digital echoes and electronic farts. Finally, the disc’s closing, 25-minute colossus “Decay2 (Nihils’ Maw),” utilizes windy sheets of feedback, ghostly cries, and ghastly shrieks to assemble White 2′s most haunting and compelling architecture. Further adorned with bizarre bits of synthetic noise and obscure dialogue, this movement is most notable for featuring unnaturally guttural, nearly unintelligible drone vocals recited by Mayhem legend Attila Csihar, and, in the end, his presence ensures a fittingly cathartic climax for Sunn O)))’s latest groundbreaking outing. – Eduardo Rivadavia

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