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How It Feels To Be Something On

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How It Feels To Be Something On album cover
Roses in Water
Every Shining Time You Arrive
Two Promises
100 Million
How It Feels to Be Something On
The Prophet
Guitar and Video Games
The Shark's Own Private Fuck
Days Were Golden
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 46:02

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Best Sunny Day Album


They sound good, they play good. Their songs are structured and well crafted and the emotional content of the album is so amazing. One of my top favorite albums of all time.

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My favorite Sunny Day album


I also like "Rising Tide" released later as well. Jeremy Enigk's vocals are unique and you will be hard-pressed to find a bass gtr/drummer team that lock in and keep things interesting like these guys. Unpredictable and memorable and powerful.

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How It Feels Indeed!


While the band's first album seems to unanimously be a fan and critic favorite, this 3rd album is actually not only their most focused, direct and experimental album but also one of the best albums of the 90s. On this album they left behind the anthemic and "emo" colorings of the previous two albums and recorded a fully realized and mature work featuring a surprisingly large range of tempos, sounds and moods. And while Jeremy Enigk's cryptic lyrics and passionately soaring voice are a standout, this is clearly a full band effort with all the members contributing evenly to the powerfully emotive, lush and melodically dense sound throughout. And a powerful work it is, with a worldly, majestic, and very confident feel from beginning to end. Their next album would see them refining and maturing their sound even further but it doesn't hit as many high points as this underrated and under appreciated classic.

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They Say All Music Guide

The cryptically titled How It Feels to Be Something On was the first fruit of Sunny Day Real Estate’s reunion, and it simultaneously smoothed out their sound while shifting it into something altogether more ambitious. Always somewhat arty and challenging to begin with, SDRE flirts with out-and-out prog rock here, cleaning up the production to reveal the contrasting layers in their ever more intricate arrangements. There’s a droning, almost Middle Eastern feel to some of the songs, pointing up Jeremy Enigk’s newfound taste for spiritual mysticism (though the mantra-like chanting on “The Prophet” comes off a little awkwardly). Enigk has matured greatly as a vocalist, applying lessons learned from his solo project; gone is the strangled roar he frequently used on Diary, but even while confirming his softer bent, he’s reined in the swooning, bordering-on-fey excess of LP2. Similarly, the band’s musicianship keeps getting sharper, handling the twisting chord progressions with an easy grace that keeps the songs flowing smoothly into one another. Almost too smoothly, in fact — if the album has a flaw, it’s that the climactic peaks don’t seem to scale quite the same heights as on the band’s other albums. That’s a minor complaint, to be sure, but perhaps that’s why How It Feels to Be Something On can feel at times like a dry run for the magnificently perfected The Rising Tide, where Enigk’s piercing falsetto really hits its stride and where the band’s songwriting fulfills their every anthemic ambition. But that’s only in hindsight; taken on its own terms, How It Feels to Be Something On is a remarkable step forward from a band that seemed destined to leave its full potential untapped. – Steve Huey

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