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Paid EP

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Paid EP album cover
Breaking Honey's Heart
I Like It All, Man
Here I Am
Roadworn & Weary (6/6/6 version)
Creepy Jackalope Eye (6/6/6 version)
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 18:52

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Paid EP is Stellar!

Popawheelie Jeff

I was fortunate to hear both Paid and Breaking Honey's Heart live before this was released. I was just blown away. It was obvious they poured a lot of work into these songs. This EP proves it. Word is this EP is the beginning of series of EPs and singles that will make up their new album. So far so good. Also, I was a little unsure about the rock verison for Roadworn and Weary but it's got legs. A solid release from a great band. Keep 'em comin'

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Perfect Rock


Love this EP - standout tracks are "Paid", "Breakin' Honey's Heart" and "Roadworn and Weary". Rock at its best.

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Great Rock Record


This is classic Supersuckers, as good as ever, definitely download the title track and 'Breakin' Honey's Heart.'

They Say All Music Guide

According to Eddie Spaghetti’s liner notes, the Paid EP will the first in a series of short form releases leading up to a “fully realized” Supersuckers album, and with obvious pride he announces, “this is as good as we’ve ever been.” While Spaghetti’s self-congratulation may be a bit premature or overstated, the truth is that Paid does offer up three top-shelf new tunes from the boys; the title track is a strong working man’s anthem, “Breaking Honey’s Heart” is yet another well-told tale of a defective relationship, and “I Like It All, Man” is a celebration of the regular guy decadence that’s long been the group’s stock in trade. Dan “Thunder” Bolton and new recruit Rontrose Heathman are a high-octane guitar combination, Spaghetti is in fine voice and his bass work is exemplary, and Mike Musberger’s drumming fits these guys like a glove. The re-recordings of “Roadworn and Weary” and “Creepy Jackalope Eye” don’t add that much to the proceedings, but they’re fun, and they cover Steve Earle’s “Here I Am” with muscle and smarts. Is this a preview of the album that will replace La Mano Cornuda or The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers as their greatest achievement? That’s anyone’s guess, but Paid shows that the Supersuckers are in great shape and aiming high, so maybe they’ve got that target in their sights after all. – Mark Deming

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