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Supreme Beings of Leisure

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Supreme Beings of Leisure album cover
Never the Same
4:03   $0.99
4:11   $0.99
Last Girl on Earth
4:15   $0.99
Strangelove Addiction
5:04   $0.99
Ain't Got Nothin'
3:31   $0.99
Truth from Fiction
4:07   $0.99
You're Always the Sun
3:56   $0.99
3:40   $0.99
Nothin' Like Tomorrow
4:43   $0.99
What's the Deal
3:48   $0.99
Under the Gun
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 44:48

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Supremely Beautiful Cocktail Music


It's the best album to chill out to. They've also arranged every element beautifully, the instrumentation, vocals, everything works so well. I have been listening to this album for years and never tire of it.

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The whole project just rocks! If I remember right, they broke new ground by being the first band to debut a video on the internet with "Strange Love Addiction"?

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Really Love This Album!


What a sound! It takes you from an inside shot of a 007 flick to an outdoor cafe in France. At one point you're meditating in the orient and another your slow dancing in a techo club. Just really MUST HAVE music for anyone's collection.

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Excellent Throughout!


Another great Trip-Hop discovery this month. I keep rambling on about how Trip-Hop is not what it used to be, but I like to be proven wrong. This first self-titled album from them, released in 2000, is excellent throughout, highly recommended to everyone who loves Trip-Hop. I already decided to download their second album next month. There isn't much to say about excellency, so I'll leave this few words review as-is and just let my ears enjoy (and so should yours too!). 5/5

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Strangely lovely and addicting. I find myself humming 'never the same' on a regular basis. . . Tom Rothrock outdoes himself on this album with mixing and final productions that are as smooth as the tempo.

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Get this one...


Great album from start to finish. Great original sounding music. What a pleasant surprise.

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This album is awesome


I adore this album. I hadn't been quite willing to admit how much I liked this type of music, only dabbling a bit in things like Portishead, but this pushed me over the edge. Strangelove Addiction is especially, um, addictive.

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jagstreams recommendation:


You could see this album as a mixture between MORCHEEBA and MOLOKO but it isn`t that easy... Very good and innovative TripHop with this special Pop-Influence that make it hearable day by day!

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Download them ALL


I agree as well. This is one of the rare CDs I have actually bought in the last years (which I can count on one hand). Every track is stand out - Strangelove Addiction, Golddigger it goes on & on. Just download them all - great band!

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Sweet Downtempo Sounds


This is probably one of the best downtempo CDs I have owned. I bought it shortly after it was released and still play it regularly to this day. Later albums don't quite live up to this one but this one is fantastic.

They Say All Music Guide

The self-titled debut album from Supreme Beings of Leisure fuses sounds from the group’s diverse heritage — which includes Japan, Puerto Rico, Ireland, India, Iran, and the Dominican Republic — with deft programming and accessible songwriting. The result is a very smooth collection of trip-hop-based pop songs with global touches, not unlike a multi-culti Morcheeba album. Swooning strings and sitars weave their way through most of the album’s 11 songs, including “Golddigger,” which recalls ’60s spy-movie themes, and “Never the Same” (heard on the TV commercial for the Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey) and “Last Girl on Earth,” which showcase Geri Soriano-Lightwood’s versatile, seductive vocals. The breakbeat-driven “Ain’t Got Nothin’” and “Sublime” pick up the pace with a nod to drum’n'bass, while “Strangelove Addiction”‘s club-friendly rhythm and lilting, Eastern-inspired melody make it the most accessible track on the album. Though many of the styles on Supreme Beings of Leisure have been done before, the group does a good job of updating the basic trip-hop sound enough to keep it fresh and enjoyable. – Heather Phares

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