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Everything Flows (Single)

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Everything Flows (Single) album cover
Everything Flows
Primary Education
Don't Cry No Tears
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 12:07

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“Everything Flows” was the first in a long history of Teenage Fanclub pop classics; a churning, sludgy epic recalling Neil Young’s ’70s records with Crazy Horse, its origins are reaffirmed by a cover of Young’s Zuma highlight “Don’t Cry No Tears,” itself the first in a long history of fantastic and reverential Teenage Fanclub covers. The other two tracks on this four-song single aren’t quite as compelling, however: A skeletal and radically different demo take of A Catholic Education’s title cut (renamed “Primary Education,” natch) is of interest primarily for archival purposes, while about the only thing to recommend the instrumental “Speeeder” is the extra “e” in its title. – Jason Ankeny

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