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Silver White Light: Live At The Isle of Wight 1970

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Silver White Light: Live At The Isle of Wight 1970 album cover
Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Things To Try
C'mon Mary
Silver White Light
Without Expression
No Good Situation
Rich Kid Blues / To Be Alone With You
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 49:12

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I Was There


I was at the 1970 Isle of Wight festival and I can tell you that Terry Reid was (IMHO) the best act on the whole weekend. He appeared on the Friday night which probably explains why he always seems to get ignored in retrospectives. I remember a fantastic performance and six (yes 6) encores. And these were proper encores, ones demanded by the audience, not preplanned ones that are actually part of the set. I have been digitising my vinyl collection and have just done River and Seed of Memory. Two fantastic albums, hopefully to appear on emusic sometime. Every plaudit you hear about Terry Reid is true. Download everything you get get by him, he is a unjustly forgotten gem.

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What almost was...


Terry Reid was Jimmy Page's first choice as lead singer for Led Zeppelin.

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Forget About "Memories"


Terry Reid was and is a hugely gifted artist. So what if he didn't have a crystal ball in 1968? Who did? (It still didn't stop Aretha from returning from a trip to England and proclaiming that "the only thing happening in London is ... Terry Reid.") The guy can flat sing and write. So, please: post more of his stuff on eMusic! (1973's "River" would be a good place to start. Yes?)

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Brings back memories


I bought the first 2 Terry Reid albums (yes albums!)when they first came out in the late 60's. Its great to hear these old songs again. The recording is pretty good but is unable to capture the highs of his voice (and he could hit some highs). Never really got that popular in the states.

They Say All Music Guide

Terry Reid is one of the great lost souls of rock & roll, a young man overflowing with talent but destined to never fully realize it. By the age of 20, legal battles, personal choices, and plain bad luck worked in unison to sideline a career everyone saw as very promising. And while the past, in many ways, is irrevocable, the release of a 1970 Reid performance at the the Isle of Wight Festival goes a long way toward reminding listeners — 35 years after the fact — just how good he was. He’s joined by multiple instrumentalist David Lindley, bassist Lee Miles, and drummer Michael Giles (Giles’ only date with Reid) for an eclectic set list that varies from straight-up rock & roll to trippy folk to country. If one had to pick out one style as outstanding, it would be on the rock cuts like “Dean,” mostly because Reid — and this isn’t just a reviewer being nice — is a great rock & roll singer. He reminds one of a time and place when singers who really sang fronted the Guess Who, the Animals, and Led Zeppelin. The only small glitch in the whole affair is that Reid’s expressive vocals stretch the limits of 1970 recording technology, meaning that his vocal highs are sometimes shrill. It’s live, though, and having this document far outweighs any nitpicking. For Reid fans and anyone who was ever curious about the singer who turned down a chance to be in Led Zeppelin, Silver White Light will be a fun romp down memory lane. – Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.

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