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The Aquarium

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The Aquarium album cover
Maxxo Sesh
Can't Afford To Live Here
Waiting For The Girl
Good People
Channel 9
White House
Golden Pyramid
Through The Tunnel
Slow Space
Aquarium Dream
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 34:19

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Wondering Sound

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Amelia Raitt


Amelia Raitt is a former writer for the television program Mr. Belvedere and has been writing about pop music of all colors and stripes for eMusic since 2005. S...more »

The Aquarium, The Aquarium
Label: Dischord Records

In their live shows, DC duo the Aquarium plays in front of projections of old science films and newsreels. The music on their self-titled debut has that same kind of yellowed, grainy texture. Blending thick blurts of organ with pinpricks of electric guitar, The Aquarium create eleven obstinate little songs full of kick and snort and wheeze. Jason Hutto's vocals are drowned in echo, making them sound far-off and eerie, and the songs have a… read more »

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chronique bokson.net


Parfois, on aurait presque envie de casser une à une, et à coups de batte, ces petites touches noires et blanches qu'on rêverait remplacées par une guitare, ou de clouer au mur, du chatterton sur les doigts, un Charly Oleg malheureusement retrouvé ("Credits", "Channel 9"). Mais tout cela reviendrait à oublier qu'on a là un disque estampillé Dischord et qui, par définition donc, va à contre-sens des attentes et de la banalité. Du coup, on aime ou on déteste ce premier album de The Aquarium. Et dans les deux cas, on ne vous en voudra pas...

They Say All Music Guide

It may seem too easy to constantly talk about how Dischord has changed over the last few releases, since Fugazi went on hiatus/break, but it’s almost too hard not to. The brilliant low-key efforts of the Evens, the multi-faceted French Toast, Soccer Team, J. Robbins revitalization with Channels are all notable. And with the debut from the duo the Aquarium, a new aspect has been added to the label’s recent development. Having built a reputation for “hypnotic” live shows that sometimes feature film accompaniment, keyboardist/vocalist Jason Hutto and drummer Laura Harris are a surprisingly dense and multi-layered musical pairing. Dreamy, driving, and just skirting territory this side of psychedelic, their debut can best be summed up as a great soundtrack for an amazing film that can probably never be made. There are passages reminiscent of British Invasion, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Stevie Wonder, and many, many others. It’s almost hard to believe that this is a duo. The arrangements are focused, but not so tight that a playful attitude is stifled. Sure, from time to time on listening to the record, it’s tempting to try to figure out where you may have heard this keyboard or that keyboard, as many of the sounds have been heard in other places (one of Eddie Van Halen’s old ones is in there), but Hutto manages to turn retro-kitsch into something irresistible. Hard to describe, but suffice it to say that once this disc goes in the player it’s rather hard to take it out. Dischord has had many different bands over the years on the label, each with individual styles, and now they’ve got a rave-up band that is hard to sit still to. – Chris True

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