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The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse

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The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse album cover
For Agent 13
And You Lied To Me
Because Tonight
Rides the Rails
On Bedford and Grand
Cedric's War
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 45:22

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Peter Parrish


The Besnard Lakes, The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse
Label: Jagjaguwar / SC Distribution

An uneasy relationship between light and shade permeates this second release from Canada's Besnard Lakes. From the sleeve's depiction of a coal-black horse emerging from — or is it being consumed by — dazzling flame, to the deceptive sunshine harmonies that carry lyrics laced with deception and vice, contrast resonates through every level. Twinned with the band's deft application of texture, the tensions create a wonderfully absorbing record.

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Excellent Album.


This album is Great! The 'Devastation' video immediately caught my attention and the entire album won me over completely. These guys are good!

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Best album 2007!


This was my favorite album last year and still gets lots of plays. Think Brian Wilson meets Pink Floyd, with some Moody Blues thrown in -- but none of it sounds dated, it's all fresh. This album is atmospheric and rhythmic, spacey and majestic.

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I like the Psychedelic Beach Boys "Rides the Rails" - it worth a load.

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Fished There


Imagine my surprise when I was in northern Saskatchewan fishing on a remote lake and this song scrolls across my XM radio unit displaying the Besnard Lakes. Music was not bad. Lake I was on was Besnard Lake.

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gimme more expansion!


describing this band as "a space-rock Low" is spot on. a handful of songs just blew me away, but the compression is so miserable on the louder tracks ('devastation' in particular) that i'd rather buy the cd than download the rest here.

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No longer a dark horse


From the cracking opener, Disaster, the quality of this release just doesn't let up. If you were trying to describe the sound, how about some of the Beach Boys doing alt-country with a hard edge? Definitely one of the best albums of 2007.

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Unexpectedly good


Having been recently overloaded with e current bandwagon of hdreamy, jaded, chamber pop i was quite sceptical. Besnand lakes definately stand out of the crowd thou. They remind me of funeral-era arcade fire and grizzly bear. Although they arent breaking any musical boundaries, the music is very honest, well written and highly enjoyable. One of Jagjaguar's finest assets.

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Gave them a try


This album didn't do much for me, I'm looking forward to tweaking it on garage band. The songs seemed to long and the lyrics didn't catch me. But I do love the album art work.

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more please


i've listened to it every day for the past month and it just gets better with every listen - so much so that I bought it on vinyl so I could hear more

They Say All Music Guide

The Montreal-based husband-and-wife duo of the Besnard Lakes really work some of the old yin-and-yang magic on their debut release The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse. Throughout the eight tracks, the push-and-pull of crunchy guitars versus delicate, stringy instrumentation seems to reflect the dynamic between Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek themselves (with wife Goreas, seemingly the prime instigator for the power chords). It’s a slightly indulgent affair, but the only way to get these seemingly disparate qualities to play nice on an album together is to sweat over it — and sweat they did, but not on somebody else’s timecard. Utilizing their own studio, Goreas and Lasek could, and did, take plenty of time getting their vision to come through in the mixes, and the ebb-and-flow between abrasive and lilting isn’t half as jarring as you might think. It’s like a Beach Boys album when it’s calm and a Queen album when it’s crunchy, but all filtered through what must be one hell of a record collection over at the Goreas-Lasek homestead. – J. Scott McClintock

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