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Directions To See A Ghost

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Directions To See A Ghost album cover
You On The Run
Science Killer
Mission District
18 Years
You In Color
The Return
Snake In The Grass
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 70:21

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Corey duBrowa


The Black Angels, Directions To See A Ghost
2008 | Label: Light In The Attic / The Orchard

So you've gone and named your band after a Velvet Underground song so atonal and anti-rock (“The Black Angel's Death Song”) that it continues to peel paint from the walls 40 years after its release. Your sound represents a sonic soup squeezed from the pulp of the banshee-wail psychedelia of Roky Erickson's Thirteenth Floor Elevators, the Doors'most drone-tastic interludes and the mock-gospel of Spiritualized. And your live show resembles nothing less than a… read more »

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11 songs != 12 credits


What gives?

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Great psychedelic rock here. This was a pleasant surprise and I'll probably download more of their material.

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Now this is psychedelic rock!


And more. Great! I love the first release, I like this as much. It does go different places than the first, a little more psychedelic I think. I think this group is one of the best new groups out there. I can't wait till the next release...have it on emusic please!!!!

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decent at best


This record is not that good. I thought I was into it the first, maybe second time I listened, but it has no holding power. There isn't a lot here to grab onto and each song is completely forgetable. If you're looking for drugged out pshyc, you'll only find a watered-down, cheap imitation here. Keep moving.

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umm..let me see


Doors plus Velvet Underground plus really old Sonic Youth (80's) way rad. Mostly Velvets though. Yea, rad.

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dig it....


Passover was my favorite album by anyone released the year it came out so I had high hopes for this one. I really like it; they definitely turned the drone up to 11 here and at times are a bit derivative (maybe that's an understatement) but there's nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from great music. It's not as interesting or varied a listen from start to finish as Passover was but I dig it man. And their live shows rock.

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Lose the Retro Cliches


Don't get me wrong, I love these guys. But I think they piled on too many retro sixties cliches in the mix this time out in the name of "artistic growth." What I thought was special about Passover was the inherent tension between the band's love for both post-punk angst (Joy Division, Clinic) and sixties head trip (Doors, Amon Duul II). The sitars, backward guitars, et al. don't so much advance their sound as trap it in a retro cul de sac. Plus, I really started to notice the drummer's limitations this time out. Oh well, still a good listen despite my bitching.

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Kick ass


Just heard these guys live tonight for the third time. With this album and Passover (their first album) I think these guys are one of the top voices coming out of Austin..or anywhere. I'd list these guys as one of my top 2-3 favorite bands. drone out.....

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Flashback '67


This is a killer album, full of awesome, long-play psychedelic goodness. Mega-heavy reverb and effects on the guitars, and that crunchy grungy 60s vibe these guys do so well just shines here on every track. The singer's voice reminds me quite a bit of the singer from Jefferson Airplane, heh. This album is also quite superb to listen to while high.

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Best Album Name Ever



They Say All Music Guide

Name yourselves after one of the Velvet Underground’s most aggressively amelodic songs and package your second album in an op art burnt orange and chartreuse freakout and you’d better be able to deliver the psych-drone goods. What’s most impressive about the Black Angels’ Directions to See a Ghost is that not only does the Austin-based sextet deliver like few bands have been able to manage since Spacemen 3 split — see the dark, doomy “Science Killer” and the epic 16-minute closer “Snake in the Grass” for details — but the group also leavens its heaviness with a functioning knowledge of pop hooks and how to deploy them: as a result, songs like “You in Color” and “You on the Run” not only buzz and howl in a manner suitable for nodding along, they’re also unexpectedly catchy in a style reminiscent of Love or the Doors. The sitar-laced two-chord stomp of “Never/Ever” sits comfortably alongside the post-punky desperation of “Doves,” testament to the variety of sounds and moods the Black Angels squeeze out of their chosen idiom. This is the sort of psychedelia that space rockers and Nuggets, Rovi – Stewart Mason

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