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thickfreakness album cover
hard now
set you free
midnight in her eyes
have love will travel
hurt like mine
everywhere i go
no trust
if you see me
hold me in your arms
i cry alone
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 38:39

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Keith Harris


Keith Harris lives and writes in Minneapolis, MN, the greatest city in the world. He's reviewed music since 1996, writing for numerous magazines, newspapers and...more »

The Black Keys, thickfreakness
2003 | Label: Fat Possum Records

The Black Keys aren't really a blues band. As demonstrated by the duo's cover here of the Sonics '"Have Love Will Travel" — both heavier and bluesier than the Seattle proto-punks '1965 original — the Keys are a contemporary garage band that draw directly from the blues, rather than cribbing it secondhand from older garage-rockers. Dan Auerbach grinds out the thickest low-end guitar this side of ZZ Top and drawls in the thickest low-end groan… read more »

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These guys have a grungy blues sound that makes you want to hear more. The whole album is great. Do yourself a favor and listen to their album called "Brother's", emusic should add it to available music along with "El Camino" another great album with a little different take on the blues. The Black Keys, 5 stars without a doubt!

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I dont always listen to the blues...


but when I do, I'll have a Dos Equis. As mentioned before I don't always listen to this kind of music, but I really enjoy it and have tremendous respect for the musicians. I love the amount of emotion they are able to put into the guitar playing and the vocals. Even if you are into other kinds of music, I would definitely recommend checking this album out. Top notch job.

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It's so easy to be a critic


One of the easiest things to do,is to judge others work.I can't stand the haters of this band.They are raw and real...the real deal.Every form of "rock" music we all know and love originated from the blues.It just adapted from there on.It's nice to hear it come around full circle again.It always will.So there's no need to rain on anyones parade....The haters can't do any better....so I say...download this album and give this duo a chance.What do you say?

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Great music, terrible audio quality


I love this album, but am very frustrated by the audio quality. The songs sound really distorted.

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Crappy audio quality


Most of the stuff that I've downloaded from emusic has been pretty high quality. However, this is the second Black Keys album that I've downloaded where the audio quality is highly suspect (the other being Rubber Factory). The bit rate seems to between 130 and 160 Kbps (VBR). Let's get some high quality recordings!

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one of my favorites


I've been listening to these guys for years and am always impressed by their music. I'm from the Akron/Canton area so its good to have such an awesome band be from close by.

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loving it


the Black Keys are so revolutionary ...blues, rock, alternative...they are everything...they are can't miss every album is full of dirty blues and great music buy them all

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Once a week listen, very necessary


This album fine tunes the soul

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Down and Dirty


I love these guys- they're serious to make some music and don't give a crap about filler. Great CD.

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The Black Keys are easily the freshest thing to happen to blues in this millennium, but you can't really call them a blues band. But then, neither can you call the duo — drummer Patrick Carney and guitarist/vocalist David Auerbach — a rock band. Or even a blues-rock band in the conventional sense of the term. Their music is garage rock that knows that blues is at the very heart of rock, and it is… more »

They Say All Music Guide

While the vast majority of post-punk bands who have an obvious taste for the blues seem to enjoy taking the style apart and messing around with the bits and pieces, the Black Keys are the (relative) traditionalists within the subgenre. With their two-piece, no-bass format, there’s no room for clutter or wank, and the raunchy fuzz of Dan Auerbach’s guitar (and drummer Patrick Carney’s production) owes more to the Gories/Blues Explosion/White Stripes school of aural grime than anything else, but look past all that and the Black Keys are a straight-up blues band who could probably cut an album for Alligator if they were willing to clean up their act and fill out the lineup. And Alligator would doubtless be glad to have ‘em — the Black Keys’s wail is hot, primal, and heartfelt, and Auerback’s lean but meaty guitar lines and room-filling vocals drag the blues into the 21st century through sheer force of will without sounding like these guys are in any way mocking their influences. In short, if you’re looking for irony, you’re out of luck; if you want to hear a rock band confront the blues with soul, muscle, and respect, then Thickfreakness is right up your alley. Points added for the fact that the Black Keys performed, recorded, and produced Thickfreakness all by their lonesome in a single day — further proof these guys are not messing around. – Mark Deming

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