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Paper Television

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Paper Television album cover
Pile Of Gold
The Big U
The Long List Of Girls
Bonjour Jeune Fille
Babay (Eat a Critter, Feel it')
Eat Your Hear Up
Pardon Me
Fists Up
True Affection
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 30:16

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Douglas Wolk


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The Blow, Paper Television
2006 | Label: K Records / SC Distribution

Performance artist Khaela Maricich's favorite theme is likability — people trying to be liked by potential lovers or actual lovers, and sometimes people making themselves so likable they get chewed up and swallowed — and her thin, innocent-sounding voice is the closest singing can get to a wide-eyed, smiling, palms-up gesture. The Blow used to be a more-or-less solo project of Maricich's, and now it's a duo of Maricich with drums-and-electronics guy Jona Bechtolt. Her… read more »

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The Songs To Get


Every song is good, but I'm on my last 5 downloads. In this case, it's "Parentheses" and "True Affection." Tie between "The Long List of Girls" or "True Gold" for the third. GREAT album.

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Pretty good


Saw The Blow opening up for Vampire Weekend and though not completely impressed, it was pretty entertaining. Kind of a guilty pleasure.

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this is agreat album to listen to when drinking beer alone

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3s off


Every song on this album is good, and a good portion are totally f'real, especially Parentheses, Bonjour, and True Affection. Khaela's voice is perhaps not completely unique but her style and character pours forth so naturally that I can almost believe I could pick her out of crowded party or, perhaps more realistically, portland coffee shop. Khaela: call me.

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"No but seriously, I have never heard anyone with a voice like this" Really? You've never heard every-other-female-indie-vocalist-ever ?

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Great Fun


I describe this as a cross between HelloGoodbye and Gwen Stefani, but it's pretty unique. I downloaded the whole album, but if you want just a few tracks, 'Pile of Gold', 'Bonjour Jeune Fille', and 'Fists Up' are must haves. Very fun, electronic sound with clever lyrics.

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five snaps


Ah let there be rain for this dry land... much needed inspiration at a critical time. Fun good stuff, you'll enjoy it.

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Download this!


This is great, great stuff. Every single song is catchy and beautiful, and the beats are creative and funky. As an added bonus, the lyrics are really clever and insightful.

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Get it just for Pile of Gold


Great album. Much lighter than previous stuff. What fun.

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They Say All Music Guide

Ever since Khaela Maricich teamed up with Jona Bechtolt for the Poor Aim: Love Songs EP, the Blow’s avant-pop leanings have been refined with more structure, more rhythm, and more hooks, resulting in a sound that, interestingly, is more forward-thinking than the group’s more concentratedly experimental early work. Paper Television goes even further in this direction, marrying Maricich’s charismatic vocals with beats and arrangements inspired by mainstream and urban pop. This bold juxtaposition of sounds pays off more often than not, particularly on Paper Television’s first two songs. “Pile of Gold” pairs Maricich’s sassy rap-singing with slinky, stuttering rhythms, while “Parentheses” boasts a fantastic chorus and production so bright and immediate that even if the song isn’t played on mainstream radio, it certainly could be. However, the daring that makes Paper Television’s best moments so unique also leads to some experiments that aren’t as successful: “The Long List of Girls” is kinetic, but its beats feel a little contrived and end up stifling Maricich’s singing. The glitchy girl-group pop of “Babay (Eat a Critter, Feel Its Wrath),” which likens the end of a bad relationship to being digested and excreted, is original, but also a lot odder than the songs surrounding it, and ends up detracting from Paper Television’s flow. Still, the album has more uniquely great moments like the danceable, philosophical breakup song “Fists Up” and witty final ballad “True Affection,” than uniquely awkward ones. Even with its subverted mainstream pop productions, the Blow is still very indie pop and very K-sounding; they’re just not trapped in any preconceptions of what that means. Paper Television is exciting and accomplished, the album where the Blow goes from being interesting to being addictive. – Heather Phares

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