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Poor Aim: Love Songs

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Poor Aim: Love Songs album cover
Hey Boy
The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide
Knowing The Things That I Know
Lets Play Boys And Girls
The Love That I Crave
Hock It
Come On Petunia
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 16:51

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Great Stuff


"Hey Boy" — reasons why he didn't call ... "a), you're gay, b) you've got a girlfriend" ... This music is so smartly constructed that it never comes off sounding like chick-pop.

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One of my favorites.


This is an excellent album, and not a single track is less than great. My favorite has probably got to be Hock It, but the others aren't far behind. I also recommend checking out the remix of this album, as a few of those tracks are quite good.

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Like other entries in the States Rights Records/Slender Means Society’s Pregnancy Series, the Blow’s Poor Aim: Love Songs is a CD EP that’s kind of a sampler of the act’s sound, or an airing out of material that doesn’t have a natural home on their longer releases. Here Blow consist of Khaela Maricich and Jona Bechtolt, laying down a sound that’s more funk-oriented than Blow’s early recordings, though it still has a minimal electro-pop feel. The seven-song, 17-minute disc sounds a little like the Raincoats had they gone in a more R&B-oriented direction, though not as fully produced as the Raincoats. While the songs are more forceful and thought-out than Maricich’s early work, they’re still basic, impulsive-sounding statements, and ones that might actually have a chance at popularity among more adventurous dance-pop-oriented listeners if the disc got the exposure. – Richie Unterberger

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