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Untitled #23

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Untitled #23 album cover
Cobalt Blue
Deadman's Hand
Space Saviour
On Angel Street
Sunken Sun
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 50:35

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Astonishing #23


The Church delight us yet again with another collection of beautifully sublime, texturally exquisite compositions. The surprise here is that the band has delivered quite possibly their greatest, most consistent work yet, and this after being together three decades - quite a feat. A bigger surprise is that not only this is a great album by Church standards, but it's also one of the best albums released in the last 10 years. This isn't noticeable upon first listen; it's that rare album that doesn't grab you right away but after many listens reveals its many fine details and layers, with the band's seemingly new found sense of melodic interplay - which we we got a glimpse of on their previous album - fully realized, and to astonishing effect on the beautiful closing track "Operetta"

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one of their best. "sunken sun" and "operetta" are two of their most beautiful tracks ever.

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Pretty Satisfying


Overall this album is pretty solid. I saw them play most of it live a few months back and they brought a little more oomph to it that is missing a bit on the disc. Pangea is nice in the way that is slowly comes together.

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the church


A masterful album revolving around every album for the last thirty years! The church's records take on a sense of reality eveytime you listen to them. This is a record long time coming. phil

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I know there are "Sometime/Anywhere" Church fans, vs. "Priest=Aura" Church fans. I'm the latter, which is what makes "Untitled #23" so disappointing for me. I downloaded it based on the good reviews and found it to be a crashing bore. Their last record "Uninvited Like The Clouds", while very uneven, was far superior to this snoozefest.

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Who would've thought?


One of their best. Certainly their most satisfying record in a long time and right up there with Of Skins and Hearts and Starfish.

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Awesome album


Solid album, one of their better ones. Deadman's Hand and Pangaea are real stand outs. Saw them play a lot of these songs live when they were in town, if you get a chance to see them on tour this year - GO!

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Drink it in and swim in the mist...


I was intrigued to see that The Church had a new album out. I always made sure I stopped what I was doing anytime "Under the Milky Way" came on. I wasn't sure if this release would be just another new album from a band I stopped listening to ages ago. But like my other reviews mostly based on first impressions of sample listens, with my first click of the play button I had to stop what I was doing and listen to every sample.... I am just blown away. This is a Fantastic Sound and worth exploring. I was so surprised I had to check other reviews on the web. Don't know why there are not more reviews here. Top album. Grab it NOW.

They Say All Music Guide

That slight trace of mystery and ambiguity in the title of Untitled #23 is a vague signal that the Church is returning to the spacy, hazy territory of their heyday on this, their 23rd album. The Church has never quite left this swirling psychedelia behind, but Untitled #23 has a delicate, suspended quality, floating at an elevated distance above earth. It’s familiar yet not tired because the Church has a unified sense of purpose here, crafting tightly written songs that are then expanded and elongated when recorded, giving them an otherworldly quality. What impresses is the assured, masterly touch: the Church has been at this so long, they weave their spell seamlessly, so it’s only when examining the list of the many, many records that preceded this that Untitled #23 seems unique: they have done many good, verging on excellent records, over the past decade, but only this has the songs and the atmosphere to be placed next to their best albums. – Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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