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Holiday In Cambodia

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Holiday In Cambodia album cover
Holiday In Cambodia
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Police Truck
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 6:56

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holiday in california


These guys were my first favorite punk band. Looking back I realize that Jello Biafra's lyrics are a bit self righteous and his singing can be annoying. That said it seems he was able to create a certain kind of content appropriate to the music they were able to write. What other lyrics could go with their sort of Black Sabbath meets Dick Dale surf punk sound? Seminal band.

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Thief or Sell outs?


It's too bad that Jello and the others can't seem to get along because they created some of the best (and arguably most important) punk anthems this side of the Atlantic. These are two of their essential tracks so download BOTH of them at once. Kill if you must.