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Living On The Other Side

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Living On The Other Side album cover
Gone Gone Gone
Walk Through A Cloud
Dolphin Center
Pretty Thing
Traverse Wine
Bye Bye Baby
Downtown Jenny
Nice Train
Boot On The Seat
Excelsior Lady
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 43:10

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Great, mellow album


I love this album. It doesn't rock out at all but it has some groove to it and is super catchy. Each song stands out on its own and sticks with you after just a couple listens. I wonder sometimes this album lacks longevity but I've heard it 20 times and think maybe it'll be alright.

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Mood Altering Music


Laid back music to make the listner laid back. Group reminds me alot of The Band.

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Soundtrack: Sons Of Anarchy


"Excelsior Lady" by The Donkeys was featured on the soundtrack of The Sons Of Anarchy. So, you know it must be good...

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I hate to just agree with the other reviewers....


But, yeah, this perfectly evokes early Grateful Dead, Jayhawks, Flying Burritos, etc. Evocative, but not soundalike. Not nostalgic music. If you like Americana, you need this.

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Who put that Television in my Grateful Dead?


This sounds like the music you remember hearing that one great summer day that sticks in your head and makes youth so irresistibly endearing. You might have been opening your third beer on the first truly scorching day of the season, feeling lucky to have the day off and have access to a pool, and somebody put on a record that was so absolutely perfect you had to ask who it was. Unfortunately, by the time you set your slackened and sunburned face down on a pillow, maybe yours, hopefully not, with warm night blowing through the fan, all you knew that the world was right and beautiful and you completely forgot the name of the band you liked so much earlier in the day. If it wasn't the Donkeys, believe me, it will do.

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A trippy americana ride


Picture the Dead somkin' a joint with the Jayhawks at at Flying Burrito Brothers concert. Pretty darn cool....

They Say All Music Guide

Like a 1970s country-rock band without the accents or heavy-duty amplifiers, the Donkeys offer up a sun-streaked batch of acoustic guitars, harmonies, and laid-back rhythmic shuffle on their second LP. It’s difficult to hear music this nostalgic without riffling through a list of soundalikes, and the Donkeys inevitably draw comparisons to bands that pioneered such a hazy California sound, particularly the Grateful Dead and the Eagles. The Donkeys don’t flaunt many Garcia-sized jams during Living on the Other Side, however, nor are their harmonies polished to a spit-shining glow like the Hotel California architects. Instead, Living on the Other Side features 11 tracks that amble along at a comfortable pace, from the harmony-rich “Walk Through a Cloud” (one of the band’s strongest combinations of country influence and breezy pop sensibilities) to the trippy, sitar-filled strains of “Dreamin’.” Elsewhere, the band makes room for pillow-soft rock (“Traverse Wine”) and stomping campfire singalongs (“Bye Bye Baby”), seemingly content to explore the detours and backroads of country-rock without losing sight of the main thoroughfare. While some groups take a self-consciously retro approach to their craft, Living on the Other Side is uncalculated and unassuming its delivery, evoking an earlier era without dressing the band in Glenn Frey’s castoff threads from the Desperado cover shoot. It’s also incredibly tuneful, which makes the Donkeys’ second effort an enjoyable summer album. – Andrew Leahey

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