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Looping State Of Mind

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Looping State Of Mind album cover
Is This Power
It´s Up There
Burned Out
Arpeggiated Love
Looping State Of Mind
Then It´s White
Sweet Slow Baby
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 64:02

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Wandering aimlessly in the field.


An emusic end sale got me to finally fork out for a full The Field opus, and I'm underwhelmed. The efforts to break out from his signature sound are intriguing, but not always entirely likeable. Others, like "Sweet Slow Baby" sound a bit tired, not sweet. Perhaps one should go back to his earlier albums, but listening to this sound in 2016, it does seem a bit dated. I prefer F**k Buttons, as they bash their way out of their artistic cul-de-sac, much better - if that's not an outrageous comparison.

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seriously shit-hot stuff


With baselines like this its reminiscent of PiL with a bit of Leftfield and Fehlmann and is deffinitely what could have happened if Scorn hadnt of started to make its own cutting edge. Weirdly enough I keep hearing U2 Larry Mullen's drumming October-esque in here.. mm.. must be the hash

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Perfect for a run


Haven't taken to a record as a running soundtrack like this since LCD Soundsystem 45:33.

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great but . .


I'm still a bigger fan of Yesterday and Today. Shame that record isn't on here.

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can't get enough of this stuff.

They Say All Music Guide

The third Field album is front-loaded with two of Axel Willner’s most entrancing and brawniest productions yet. Opener “Is This Power” coasts on a deep dubwise bassline, softly smacking percussion, and a fogged-out keyboard melody, its blissful stasis interrupted by a trap-door breakdown that makes way for patterns of black diamond gleam. The speedy “It’s Up There” is carried by sluicing ambient wash, firm-cushion thumps, and a twangy/plucked bass. It’s Willner’s most transportive work since “Love vs. Distance,” the A-side of his debut 12” single. Those first two tracks, totaling 17 minutes, are compounds of shoegaze, ambient dub, and techno — antidotes for those who looked forward to the January 2011 return from Field progenitors Seefeel and were left cold by its bristly arrhythmia. This album’s remainder does not feature as much action, but much of it — including the gushing “Arpeggiated Love” and the fragile piano ballad “Then It’s White,” the latter of which comes across as a return love letter to Dirk Leyers’ Kompakt B-side “Come to Where I Go” — is as alluring and dreamlike as anything from Willner’s first two full-lengths. As on 2009’s Yesterday and Today, Willner is assisted by a handful of multi-instrumentalists who add both heft and nuance. Indeed, this set’s title is somewhat misleading; the contents are seemingly open-ended and breathe. They sound little like the product of solitary programming. – Andy Kellman

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