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The For Carnation

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The For Carnation album cover
Emp. Man's Blues
A Tribute To
Being Held
Tales (Live From The Crypt)
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 43:43

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The former Slint frontman taps into millennial dread.
Label: Touch And Go

Like a pre-school playroom, there are only rounded edges on the For Carnation's final album. Fronted by Brian McMahan (he once helmed Slint), the band went through numerous lineup changes over its six years (it's actually unclear whether TFC are still together), but this incarnation, anchored by McMahon and Tortoise's John McEntire, is by far the best. The album's first two songs create the very precise sensation of being submerged in water; the dub-like… read more »

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Unbelievably good


Like the pace of Brian McMahan's compositions, my familiarity with his post-Slint work has moved along as a glacier in geologic time. This is music in emotional time so slow you might accidentally see your life pass before your eyes. Tracks like "Moonbeam" and "Emp. Man's Blues" are no less impressive than those on Spiderland, although that slow-boil tension never boils over in the same manic way. If you're at all familiar with events since 1991 and loved Slint--you owe it to yourself to pick up here.

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I miss this kind of stuff.


Either you will like this or not. I do. So good. I was actually able to see The for carnation on tour for this record. One of my favorite shows I have ever been to. Vincent's Ear in Asheville NC. I think there might have been 30 people there. Every person on stage had a guitar and a synth as well, except for the drummer. So heavy and slow. I would love for these guys to put out another record, or get slint back together or anything.

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melancholic post-rock baby!


such a great sensation when you bump into outstanding records like this. So deep and unpretensious, The for Carnation made this month subscription worthwhile.....highly recomended.

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I'm a big fan of bands such as Massive Attack and Portishead and instanly fell in love with The For Carnation. Undertated yet Sublime, more of these amazing guys please emusic!

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The Perfect Record


I'm so glad to find this (otherwise hard-to-find record) here on emusic. Dark and brooding. Slow, eerie and crawling. The building moods on especially "Empowered mans blues" and "Moonbeams" is just intense. It builds from the background where it's har dto catch up all the nuances that keeps stacking up until you find yourself caught up in a tornado. It's just a tragedy that this proved to be their final offering. Fantastic stuff!

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dark & meditative


Utterly absorbing & hypnotic post-rock. If you like God Speed you'll find much to enjoy here. Easily their best album.

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My Favourite Album


Its a distinct pleasure to see my favourite website get my favourite album (btw thanks for teaming up with Touch + Go) This album is dense, hypnotic and full of fear. Listen to it, give it time, listen more, listen again. Its better than almost everything. Its that moment when you reach that age when you realise all things will end. But with music. All together! "Where is your father now....."

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Because of the slow, melodic crawl of this earie album it seems to slug along much longer than it is. This isn't to say it drags -- it's like being suspended in cool fog on a hot day. It's cool.

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They Say All Music Guide

The For Carnation’s self-titled, long-awaited follow-up to Marshmallows finds the group shedding their most obvious post-rockisms in favor of a slow, smoky sound steeped in paranoia and claustrophobia. As sparse and stealthy as ever, the For Carnation’s songs now have a heightened, eye-of-the-storm drama that sets every creeping bassline, guitar, or keyboard fill into stark relief. Tense strings, spacey echoes, and other dark sonic details punctuate Brian McMahan’s hushed vocals, coloring them somewhere between reflective and threatening. Though the ghost of jazzy, Tortoise-style post-rock still hovers around “Snoother,” songs like the spectral “Tales (Live From the Crypt),” the soundtrack-ready “Emp. Man’s Blues,” and the disconcerting instrumental “Being Held” are much more emotionally immediate than the cerebral leanings of most of the band’s contemporaries. The For Carnation’s implosive dread is so expressive, yet so quiet, that it sounds like it’s seeped inside your head. Ultimately, that’s far more unsettling than any cranked-up rant. – Heather Phares

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