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Noble Creatures

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Noble Creatures album cover
How Will You Shine?
Kicks In The Sun
A Few Extra Kilos
Last Letter
The Gyroscopic
Moon Gone Down
Red Letter Day
Out On The Vine
Cranky Mulatto
Steeple Full Of Swallows
All In The Pack
Flavor On The Tongue
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Total Tracks: 14   Total Length: 54:19

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John Morthland


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The Gourds, Noble Creatures
2007 | Label: Yep Roc Records / Redeye

Gourds will be Gourds, and they certainly are on this, their ninth album. But be prepared for a few surprises, too. The opening “How Will You Shine?” kicks off with a tinkly mandolin (doubling the piano) right out of Rod Stewart's Gasoline Alley, hardly an atypical sound for these Austin mavericks. But then the song develops into a personal/political statement — equal parts disillusionment and hopefulness — that's goosed along by a horn section, two… read more »

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Gourds + horns and ballads


This is a very pretty record and there are some very good lyrics as usual. It could be my current Gourds favorite, though "Pill Bug Blues" will always have a special place in my heart.

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Really Nice!


If you like SCI, Drew Emmitt, Hot Buttered Rum, Leftover Salmon or anything jam grass oriented OR just like fun rocking music this is for you!

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Different Good


They put aside pure musicianship for good songwriting. You get the impression that they are holding themselves back a little for the sake of - well - mood? This is a subdued Gourds, but I'll be damned if I don't like it like I like Grateful Dead on a hard day. I used to listen to the Gourds for a bluegrass chuckle. I mean really, Snoop Dog covers that rocked? But now they have something heartfelt, something from themselves. This is worth the credits, e-Music-o-philes. You won't ever regret the Gourds.

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Ceilings Still Leaking!!


A very underated band with a great sound, you should defintely check this out.

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once again...

cigar city rocker

If you've not listened to this band, especially live, you are missing something real. I was glad to see Steeple Full of Swallows done in the studio, but the live version (available here on emusic) is still one of the most bestest (yes, most bestest) songs I've ever heard. A must listen band, though I'd start with Bolsa de Agua for the initiated.

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Older, wiser....


...and perhaps more hirsute, the amazing Gourds crank out yet another fantastic collection of alt-Tex tunes for the unwashed and well read. From the opening horn-powered "How Will You Shine" to The Band-esque majesty of "Promenade" and "Steeple Full of Swallows" to the swampy-goosey closer "Spivey", the Gourds prove once again to be the most intelligent purveyors of six-string funk and pick and roll in the land. Highly recommended as a soundtrack in the pickup truck on the way out to the lake for the fish fry next Friday...

They Say All Music Guide

Prolific Austin, TX hillbilly scholars the Gourds’ eighth full-length release is the veteran group’s most relaxed since 2000s excellent Bolsa de Agua. Noble Creatures, a title gleaned from the Beach Boys-kissed “Gyroscopic,” a classic Jimmy Smith rumination on everything from Ulysses to bottle-nose dolphins that ends with the line “Only in horniness will we prevail,” holds its magnifying glass up to life in southwest with the usual backwoods elegance, beer hall poetry, and sharp, border town nomenclature, but there is a new sense of maturity here that while present on previous releases, makes a keen impression from the very moment of departure. Kevin “Shinyribs” Russell’s bubbly opener “How Will I Shine” sets the pace with a full horn section and a winning refrain of “Sit down with your woman/Tell her the way that you feel” that in anybody else’s hands would sound coy. Smith follows with the Band-inspired “Kicks in the Sun,” the ballsy “A Few Extra Kilos,” and the typically irreverent “Spivey,” but this is Russell’s album. “Promenade,” “Moon Gone Down,” “Last Letter,” and “Steeple Full of Swallows” are four of the finest songs he’s ever put to tape, and like all good ballads they soar on melody, speak the truth, be it amiable or devastating and leave the listener clamoring for a second spin. Noble Creatures ranks high among the group’s deepening catalog, and its top-notch production could land it in some laps that the band’s previous recordings may have missed. It’s also a fitting description of these off-center country bards, and would prove apt if they ever considered a name change. – James Christopher Monger

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