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Soul album cover
Everyday People
That's Alright
You Got It
Lonely Nights
We All Need It
My Sunny Days
Last Night I Met Carl Perkins
Still Wanna Be Your Man
Lookin' For Mr. Perfect
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
What You See Is What You Get / Give Me Some Skin / Kentucky Jam
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 48:29

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The Kentucky Headhunters, Soul
2003 | Label: Audium / Entertainment One Distribution

Usually identified with the Nashville mainstream despite lack of significant airplay since 1990, the Headhunters, fronted by Doug Phelps, actually purvey a more distinctive mix of country-rock and boogie, their 1989 hit "Walk Softly on This Heart of Mine" presaging the more mainstream trend toward same (as embodied by Travis Tritt's early oeuvre). Before Brooks & Dunn's Red Dirt Road and Big & Rich's current movements, Soul was the best "new country" or "alt-country" album… read more »

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Another Great CD!


Anything that The Kentucky Headhunters does is worth giving a listen to, but this is just another in a really great string of CDs.

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Bluesy Southern Rock at it's finest!


Yes indeed! This album should have cemented the KY Heads where they belong: at the top of the SOuthern Rock heap...they've never been country...blues, blues-rock, rock & roll, southern rock maybe country-rock here & there...Check em out live if you wanna hear some crankin' guitars! Everyday People is spectacular as is their cover of Freddie King's blues classic "Have You Ever Loved A Woman"...Greg Martin's Les Paul & 335 have never sounded better on a Heads LP! SRV's keys player (Reece Wynans) is here too...Everyone performs great on this one! You can't go wrong here!

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Paul From Boston


One Headhunters song and I'm a fan. There not like all the rest, it's their sound and they play it well. This is one you don't want to miss!Try The Roadhammer's if you really like country. (Sorry, you won't find it on eMusic)

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I Love This Album


I really like the Kentucky Headhunters; And this set suits me just fine! SOUL has got great singing, playing, songwriting, and production. The Headhunters are always being themselves and if this album has tasteful applications of organ and horns and is called SOUL, then that was what they were feeling at the time. For those that are unfamiliar with the Headhunters, imagine a county fried blend of John Cougar, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, and some times Deep Purple. Although most of the songs are written by the Headhunters, Eddie Hinton's "I Still Wanna Be Your Man" fits them to a T. This album also contains a righteous version of "Have You Ever Loved a Woman". This is my favorite Kentucky Headhunters album pushing my previous favorite, "Stomping Grounds" to number two.

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Remarkable?..of course..it's the Headhunters!!


This may not be the greatest offering the Headhunters have done but if you're a fan of good Rockin' music or you're a Headhunters fan you shouldn't find this disappointing. I personally like all their LP's and this band is simply great live...this is not Nashville CRAP!...but good genuine boogie music as only southern boys can deliver!

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Not very bad. Not very good either. If your standards aren't too high, give a listen.

They Say All Music Guide

The Kentucky Headhunters have spent much of their career trying to convince people they’re not just another country outfit with scraggly hair, and if their pronounced Southern boogie rock tendencies won’t do it, this album might. Soul finds the Headhunters indulging in their fondness for vintage rhythm & blues sounds, with the band adding keyboards, horn players, and female backing harmonies to give the performances an appropriate late-’60s/early-’70s ambience. Of course, no matter how hard they try, the Kentucky Headhunters still end up sounding like…the Kentucky Headhunters, especially since they wrote nearly all of the tracks on board (and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t write a soul tune about meeting Carl Perkins, nor should anyone try). But as a change-up from their usual style, Soul works better than you might expect; the bluesy undercurrents of Southern rock have given the Kentucky Headhunters a leg up on embracing a more R&B-influenced sound, the songs are solid, vocalist Doug Phelps has a good handle on the material, and there’s just enough big guitar bombast and Dixie-fried twang to keep fans of their other work happy. In short, the Kentucky Headhunters shouldn’t give up their other job at the honky tonk just yet, but Soul shows they’ve got what it takes to do a side gig at Soul City without making themselves sound silly in the process. Right on. – Mark Deming

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