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Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

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Oh My God, Charlie Darwin album cover
Charlie Darwin
To Ohio
Ticket Taker
The Horizon Is A Beltway
Home I'll Never Be
Cage The Songbird
(Don't) Tremble
Music Box
Champion Angel
To The Ghost Who Write History Books
Ohio Reprise
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 42:27

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I don't know another band who sound like The Low Anthem. This album is a slow burning "grower" that rewards with each extra listen - even after 3 years of owning it! If you ever get the chance to see them live - take it!

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Great album


This is a great album and I am loving it more on each listen. However when I 1st downloaded it 5 of the song titles were matched with the wrong songs. This has now been fixed.

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is this the reissue?


wondering if this is the Nonesuch reissue, or the original mix? Cover would suggest Nonesuch, but I'm guessing it's not... Can anyone that has both versions confirm which one this is?

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Song Titles Are Screwed


"Home I'll Never Be" is actually "Ticket Taker." That's the one I downloaded, so that's the one I'm sure of. "Ticket Taker" is also not what it says it is....and so forth. I still haven't been able to find which one of these is actually "Home I'll Never Be."

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10/10, A+, Must-download.


Timeless, heartfelt, modern folk-inspired acoustic music. At various times channeling Waits, Dylan, or Cohen, and other times producing beautiful harmonies and sounds all their own... this has become one of my all-time favorite recordings in any genre. To Ohio and To The Ghosts Who Write History Books are two of my favorites, but get the whole album. Also see them live if at all possible; watching these three incredibly talented musicians taking turns playing more than a dozen instruments is a tremendous experience. 10/10, A+, Must-download.

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the voice


If you can make it through the first song without simultaneously laughing and barfing, there are some good tracks later on in the album.

They Say All Music Guide

The Low Anthem cover all their Americana bases with Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, an album that alternates between old-timey country, secular gospel, and harmonized folk. Few bands handle such wide swaths of music with grace, and even fewer manage to steer clear of sepia-toned pastiche in the process. Charlie Darwin is that rare exception, a hybrid of old traditions and contemporary flourishes that sounds at once earthy, ethereal, and uncalculated. Led by frontman Ben Knox Miller, the band resurrects old genres like folk anthropologists, using acoustic instruments (as well as some more esoteric additions, including a refurbished pump organ from the first World War) as their tools of choice. “Charlie Darwin” and “Cage the Songbird” are vocal showcases, padded with three-part harmonies and thick layers of reverb, while a cover of Tom Waits’ “Home I’ll Never Be” eschews intimacy for ramshackle energy, sounding like a field recording from the late-night hours of a country jamboree. The band makes multiple stops in between those styles, pitching their tent closer to the alt country-rock camp with “Champion Angel” before going to church for the gospel-tinged “Omgcd.” Miller steals the spotlight throughout — he’s a falsetto crooner during the opening track, a boot-stomping bluesman on “The Horizon Is a Beltway,” a Dylan disciple on the folksier tracks — but this is still a group effort, with string contributions by Jocie Adams and a flurry of instrumental activity by co-founder Jeffrey Prystowsky. There’s a lot of ground covered here, of course, yet the band never loses sight of its destination, and those who can keep up are in for a tuneful trek. – Andrew Leahey

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