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Only The Lonely (Re-Recorded Version)

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Only The Lonely (Re-Recorded Version) album cover
Only The Lonely (Re-Recorded Version)
Suddenly Last Summer (Re-Recorded Version)
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 6:56

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The Motels Only The Lonely


Awful. Why Re-record it? This isn't good emusic. There's nothing I like on here anymore

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This new version is rich....but....


I prefer the original recording. Its like that popping sound on LPs is another instrument or studio effect that is phasing out like a harpsichord. I agree to first listen, and carefully before buying. My search for the original will lead to the purchase of the Danger CD elsewhere. Wake up and listen to us eMusic!

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They are not that bad


And since the originals are not yet available on e-music, they are a good substitute.

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the notels is more like it


Martha Davis should've kept her mouth shut.i hope to god the motels don't tour.they'll KILL the more than decent rep they had in the 80's. don't download this.grab a jumbo jack and watch HBO

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Why does emusic have all these second-rate re-recorded versions? This only creates a disservice by creating an amatuerish version of a memorable song. Better to not have it at all than to have these sorry versions - which are often not clearly marked! So buyer beware and listen before buying a song you think you know.

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Don't bother. Hideous re-recording. "Suddenly Last Summer" sounds a bit like a warped, creepy out of tune music box. Don't believe me? Listen to the sample.